woman wearing black and white dress and maroon colored dress flats with dark hair standing
This experience was as much therapy as it was informative

"After experiencing weight changes due to perimenopause I found much of my wardrobe didn't fit, and I was in need of guidance on how to dress my new body. Plus with a significant  life change due to the loss of a loved one, I wanted to do something for myself.

I was concerned a stylist wouldn’t give me the advice I needed.  However, Neepa is very enthusiastic and knowledgeable about the field. She is realistic in setting expectations and made herself available to me. She took the time to get to know me and was able to comfortably push my style limit. I’ve learned that clever styling diverts attention away from what I was focusing on. I’m learning to be comfortable in my current size and feel confident about the fit of my clothes and the versatility of my wardrobe. This experience was as much therapy as it was informative."

- Reem, Physician
I now love trying to style new outfits and I am feeling more confident in my appearance

"I had just gotten engaged and knew that I would have a number of wedding related events coming up. I wanted to elevate my style while remaining who I was. Working with Neepa was amazing! She taught me to step outside my comfort zone and to try new styles and designers. I also learned of different ways to flatter my body which I wouldn't think of. I am looking forward to working with her in the future to continue to elevate my style and update my wardrobe."

- Cara, Attorney
Woman wearing a light blue top with pleated medium blue skirt with her right hand on her hip standing in front of a multi-colored wall filled with orange, black, turquoise and red squares
New Jersey Accessible Style Personal Stylist Client of Neepa Sikdar, Karen
You seriously need to put the oxygen mask on yourself 1st

"Though it took me a long time to make a style transformation, it was so worth it. Time is a constant crunch, it's easy to "steal time" from your own needs. I thought if I don't have time to get to the gym, how could I justify trying on clothes. But when you like how you look IN your clothes, you WANT to go to the gym and look and feel better. When you look and feel better, you bring that energy and positive vibes back to your family.
You've heard this before but you seriously need to put the oxygen mask on yourself 1st. Neepa is an integral part of that oxygen mask."

- Karen, Community Leader + Office Manager
I wanted to be taken more seriously at work

"Even though I've always been comfortable and confident in my "look", I realized that people might not take me seriously at work or perceive me as younger based on my clothing choices. I think the last time I cared about my style was in college and my wardrobe reflected that. It felt liberating to clean out my closet and get rid of clothes that weren't doing anything for me. Now I have the SPACE to fill it with things that actually look good on me! Neepa listened and understood that I find shopping very overwhelming and intimidating. Throughout the process, she taught me about styles, cuts, and good quality brands and gave me a plan to help me shop on my own. I'm a teacher and spend most of my day on my feet. Neepa educated me about the importance of investing in proper footwear and now I have comfortable, durable, and cute shoes."

- Devalina, Teacher
NJ Personal Stylist Neepa Sikdar testimonial Devalina, Teacher, client
Katrina, Principal Interior Designer KV Interiors, Brand Styling Client of Accessible Style
Who would have thought at an Interior Designer would need a Personal Stylist

"I've seen Neepa's work and admired her process for several months. I knew in an instant that I wanted to work with her on a branding photoshoot. I have a particular style and always felt confident in it, but she encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone. I work on a variety of high-end projects and wanted to appear approachable while still showcasing my edgy style. She introduced me to brands I never thought of and showed me outfits to compliment my physique. The whole process was such a treat and a delightful experience. I can't wait to work together again."

- Katrina, Interior Designer, Virtual Brand Styling
I was concerned about the investment

"Not everyone that likes fashion can be a personal stylist. It takes knowledge, experience and understanding of the trade to dress someone for success. Neepa came to me as highly recommended as I witnessed my friend transform her style and brand after working with her. I had an image of my style in my mind but wasn't sure how to translate it into my wardrobe. Neepa was exactly what I needed, she made me feel supported and relaxed. She recommended outfits from my own closet and during our SHOP session, she found items that matched both my personality and budget. We were able to bring my vision to life at my brand photoshoot and I couldn't be happier. The best part is now it's much easier for me to put an outfit together and I don't waste money on clothes I don't need."

- Ally, Publisher + Speaker
New Jersey Accessible Style Personal Stylist Client of Neepa Sikdar, Ally
NJ Personal Stylist Neepa Sikdar of Accessible Style, Client Kristen, TV producer & Mom
I wasn't sure if great style still existed in my closet

"Style is something I have always felt I had (not high-fashion style, but confidence that I look good in what I'm wearing), but I wasn't sure it still existed in my closet. Neepa came over to "shop my closet" and to my surprise she was able to put together 15 great outfits from clothes I already own! Multiple ways to pair different items I had been wearing for a few years, making them, and me, look better - who doesn't love that! She helped me rid my closet of a few unnecessary pieces - honesty delivered with a smile and we all need it sometimes - to make room for some new essentials. I am excited to go shopping and pick up some new looks that I know will work. She put together a list of brands and styles to shop for on my own to build up my collection. What a huge help - especially if you are like me and randomly browse depending on limited time and current location it could be the mall or midtown. Neepa is understanding, knowledgeable about body type and styles to suit, as well as warm and engaging. It was a joy to spend a few hours of my day with her and totally worth the effort of cleaning up my closet! Neepa is exactly what she advertises - accessible style for all."

- Kristen, TV producer + Emmy Award Winner
What you wear really impacts your life

"I was celebrating a new path professionally and it was time to upgrade my wardrobe. I always felt good about my sense of style but needed to take more risks with my style choices. I met Neepa through a female networking group; I sought her out because I've never worked with a personal stylist before. I hired Neepa because she doesn't represent a particular brand, she represents YOU. Neepa has a great system of getting to know your style and introduced me to new brands that suited my personality, body type and lifestyle. The Sort, Shop, and Style was incredible, I walked into a dressing room ready with a great selection of shoes and clothes to try on immediately. Neepa's professionalism led to a seamless shopping experience.
What you wear really impacts your life-personally and professionally. We need to pay as much attention to that part of our lives as we need to working out, preparing for a client meeting, or spending time with family. It's an important aspect of what defines us, what keeps us motivated and feeling good about how we are perceived. And it's OK to spend a little time and money to invest in yourself-the rewards gained from hiring Neepa are worth it.
I was able to jumpstart my wardrobe with key pieces that'll never go out of style. I love everything we added to my closet. I feel more confident and learned about some new brands and stores that I continue to shop today."

- Celeste, Hair Salon Owner
Celeste, Brand Styling Client of Accessible Style
New Jersey Accessible Style Personal Stylist Client of Neepa Sikdar, Stacey
I'm a hardworking ordinary woman who wants to wear good clothes

"I was becoming increasingly frustrated when I went shopping because I was having trouble finding clothes I liked. I'm the mom of 2 teenagers and I'm the last person I spend money on but I realized that I was going to be wasting too much money trying to do it alone, I needed to invest in a stylist. I chose Neepa because her website contained testimonials of ordinary women, not famous people and that gave me comfort. Neepa was my perfect match, she gives you her full attention and comes prepared for each appointment. She's warm and supportive and doesn't try to persuade you into buying something you're not comfortable with. I learned a lot about shoes and how to put certain clothes together allowing me to maximize what I already owned. Since working with her my students are paying more attention during class and their behavior has improved. They take me more seriously. I find myself so much more confident when shopping on my own, I'm even eyeing animal print something I wouldn't have considered before. I have choices I like now. Neepa can style anyone."

- Stacey, Consumer Science Teacher
I turned 50 and was sick and tired of my closet

"I recently turned 50 and realized that I was sick and tired of always feeling like I had nothing in my closet especially when I needed to get dressed up to meet friends in the city.

I thought hiring a personal stylist was only for the ultra rich or very fancy woman but that’s so not the case. I hired Neepa because I admired her style and her personality was down to earth. She’s relatable and authentic. Working with Neepa was easy and fun and she helped me tackle a task that once seemed daunting. After working with her I learned more about my body type and how to complement my shape. I’m no longer afraid to shop now because I know what I’m looking for and what I need. This service was well worth it because now I have quality outfits."

- Meryl, pilates instructor
woman wearing blue long sleeve top with necklace and crossover purse strap holding brown paper brag with jewelry counter in background
NJ Personal Stylist Neepa Sikdar of Accessible Style Client Sangeetha
I thought certain looks were unattainable for me

"Shopping with Accessible Style was a refreshing and rewarding experience, and I was very impressed with the level of preparation that was done. Neepa helped me find multifunctional pieces to add to my wardrobe. She showed me ensembles that suited my body type and personality clearing up my misconception that certain looks were "unattainable" for me. Hiring Neepa is an investment I recommend for everyone. I am proud of myself for recognizing that joy was missing from the process. And I am so delighted that Neepa was able to restore it with her savvy skills, fresh approach, and warm disposition!"

- Sangeetha, Human Resources Associate
If you are a professional like me and need to up your style game, I can't recommend Neepa enough

"Neepa is absolutely the BEST especially if you are "style challenged" like myself. I normally work from home where a ponytail and yoga pants does the job. But when I started going out to teach workshops and speak I needed to look the part. Neepa made the whole thing simple and easy - even for me, who doesn't like to shop. I've got all my styles on a handy app so I never even have to worry about what I'm going to wear. If you are a professional like me and need to up your style game, I can't recommend Neepa enough."

- Jennifer Dawn, Business Coach and Founder of Best Planner Ever
New Jersey Accessible Style Personal Stylist Client of Neepa Sikdar, Jennifer Dawn
NJ Personal Sylist, Neepa Sikdar Testimonial - Krupa, Sr. Human Resource Business Partner
I couldn't figure out what was holding me back

"Neepa styled my outfits after my second baby. I'm in a senior role in my firm and needed to start dressing the part. I thought I knew what looked good on me, but felt I could dress better. I couldn't figure out what was holding me back. Neepa edited my closet and helped me figure out what was missing. She also recommended some new items that I've purchased including a pair of blue suede heels that I absolutely LOVE. Neepa wasn't trying to fit me into a predetermined style, instead she worked with what I LIKE. I loved the experience and glad she helped me purge things that I knew subconsciously weren't right for me. Now I have a better idea of what to look for when I shop."

- Krupa, Sr. Human Resources Business Partner
I thought I could style myself

"Every morning, I would look into my closet and wonder what to wear. It was a sea of clothing; I wore the same things all the time and nothing was coordinated. I thought having a stylist would be too expensive and that I could figure it out on my own. But as my milestone birthday approached, I knew I needed a style pick me up. I've met a lot of stylists but Neepa caught my attention because of her background as a buyer, I wanted someone who was an expert in clothing. She knows what's trending, what looks good on my body, and suggests styles/colors I wouldn't ever think to try. I loved working with Neepa because she's very organized and every detail was very carefully planned. After working with Neepa for one season, I was able to easily transition my wardrobe for the next season thanks to her advice on closet editing. I now own more flattering clothes and I no longer wear pants that are too wide. Neepa helped me find clothing that is tapered and fits correctly. Now I'm thinking about styles and fabrics I wouldn't have considered in the past. Colleagues have actually said I look slimmer. I've realized it's more cost effective to hire Neepa as my personal stylist than shop on my own because I no longer go on shopping sprees buying things I don't need. The best part was when my friend loved my outfit so much she pulled on the label so she could buy it for herself."

- Pat, Vice President Insurance Brokerage
New Jersey Accessible Style Personal Stylist Client of Neepa Sikdar, Pat
New Jersey Accessible Style Personal Stylist Client of Neepa Sikdar, Julie
I like nice clothes but hated shopping

"Before working with Neepa I liked nice clothes but I hated shopping. Therefore, I had a pretty limited wardrobe. I was recently promoted to a very senior position at my company, which is in the luxury sector, and I realized I needed to take my work look up a notch. I wanted more luxurious brands, but didn't have any idea where to start looking or how to determine what was worth the higher price tag and what was not. Neepa helped me find new brands that I love, that are age appropriate and to identify pieces that are worth splurging on. I was so grateful to be able to shop (with Neepa's guidance and assistance) and come home with a closet full of new clothes and accessories that make me feel great when I wear them. I wore some of my pieces recently at a party at Art Southampton and got rave reviews. I would definitely recommend Neepa for anyone looking to up their fashion IQ and update their look."

- Julie, Chief Operating Officer International Realty

4 years later, an update from Julie
I have fun putting my wardrobe together these days, and I actually have seen social media posts where people comment, I can't wait to see what she'll wear next. I'm becoming known as a fashion leader in my network thanks to Neepa.

I never thought I'd hire a personal stylist

"Accessible Style is the perfect name for Neepa's business. I never thought I'd have a "personal stylist". I mean, who can afford that? And I've always been intimidated by people who get "fashion". Neepa is very approachable and never acted like a fashion queen and the rest of the us are just poor sad-sacks. She's kind, funny and a joy to be around. She's probably the only person that I'd let into my closet. I've always known what I like, but I haven't always known why or how to put my favorite clothes together to create looks that make me happy. Neepa made everything so accessible to me as she helped me understand what to wear, when, with what, and why. And our shopping day was incredible! I showed up and she had everything all set for me to go! It was incredibly successful, easy and an efficient way to get my wardrobe into shape. Neepa knows what she's doing and knowing that she's on my side to help me look my best is so reassuring. I never knew what I wore before hiring Neepa."

- Sarah, Business Mentor + Speaker
New Jersey Accessible Style Personal Stylist Client of Neepa Sikdar, Sarah Walton
New Jersey Accessible Style Personal Stylist Client of Neepa Sikdar, Rebecca, Sort Shop Style
I no longer stand and stare sadly at my closet

"After being out of the workforce for several years, I felt that my closet was outdated. I'm re-entering the corporate world and knew a Shop Your Closet session was needed. Neepa helped me get a sense of my current style and focused on what I already owned as opposed to going to an anonymous personal shopper at a store who never saw my closet. She's so personable, friendly, supportive, and has a great sense of humor. Most of all, you feel supported because she's decisive and gently takes control when needed. She made it clear that she wasn't going to impose a style on me and was understanding of my body issues. I was surprised at some of the outfits she put together and that I looked so good in them! She made me feel sexy too which was a nice surprise. When a business event comes up, I no longer stand and stare sadly at my closet, I can immediately find something to wear. I totally recommend Neepa as a personal stylist - she has such a good and honest sense of taste."

- Rebecca, Writer
Hiring Neepa is a smart investment and my go to stylist

"Neepa has been a blessing, and I can't thank her enough for her support. She's my go-to stylist. I travel a lot for work, and I appreciate that she fits me in even last minute. She recently helped me with a major dress crisis, I was speaking in front of thousands. Neepa accommodated me by spending half the day shopping and found me the perfect look. I've hired her for shop your closet, event shopping and online styling, and I'm so grateful for her existence. Hiring Neepa is a smart investment."

- Shweta, Serial Entrepreneur + Speaker
New Jersey Accessible Style Personal Stylist Client of Neepa Sikdar, Shweta-Ghuge
NJ Personal Stylist Neepa Sikdar of Accessible Style Client Sanchita, Quality Assurance Mgr & Mom
I was so happy to learn that I could shop outside of the petites section

"Working with Accessible Style, was one of the most "intimate" experiences I've had with my closet and my clothes! By going through my entire wardrobe, I learned how to determine the perfect fit, how to wear certain dresses & blouses with accessories and take the outfit from work to an evening out with friends. Neepa helped me let go of pieces that were not flattering on my body and did not compliment my skin tone. The outfits Neepa put together for me, with my existing clothes, were ones I never would have thought of on my own. Our SHOP experience was a little intimidating at first because I was nervous about trying on clothes in front of someone. Neepa put me at ease and having her in the fitting room was invaluable. She explained why certain pieces were not flattering and how clothes should fit on my body. I was so happy to learn that I could shop outside of the petites section. We purchased pieces I absolutely love and they make me look and feel amazing. The best part was the compliments I received from my colleagues!"

- Sanchita, Quality Assurance Mgr Pharmaceuticals
I didn't realize how much my clothes affected how I feel about myself

"Shopping used to be one of my favorite creative pastimes. Then suddenly I went from single girl in the city to mom of two in the suburbs with zero spare time. None of my clothes fit my new body and new lifestyle. I didn't even know which stores to shop in anymore. When I had big meetings coming up I'd get desperate and rush to the nearest department store and waste money buying items that didn't really suit me. Then I hired Neepa. We went through a Spring Sort, Shop, Style and a Fall Sort, Shop Style. She helped me rediscover my personal style and reminded me that the old Kerri who loved unique pieces was still in there. Thankfully she was completely non-judgemental about what was in my closet. She made a (long) list of the items I needed to update and fill in my wardrobe which gave me the freedom to get rid of clothes and shoes I'd been hanging onto for far too long (goodbye size 4 mini skirt!). We even weeded out the last of the maternity clothes. When a Chanel executive complimented my look, I knew I made the right decision in hiring her. But what I appreciate the most about the amazing work Neepa does is that it's personal. She asked questions until she understood my unique style - it's never cookie-cutter or biased toward a particular brand."

- Kerri, Managing Partner, Apogee Wealth Advisors
New Jersey Accessible Style Personal Stylist Client of Neepa Sikdar, Kerri, Managing Partner, Apogee Wealth Advisors
NJ Personal Stylist Neepa Sikdar Client Testimonial Lana, Teacher & Mom
I wanted to take my style up a notch

"Before I met with Neepa, I was experiencing issues with choosing the correct styles for my body type. I recently returned to the dating scene and wanted to take my style up a notch while still being age appropriate. The outfits she chose suited me perfectly. She was honest and gave me lots of pointers on styling my outfits. One pointer that I loved is to wear complimentary colors in 3s. The whole process made me feel luxurious and our photo shoot was so much fun! I would highly recommend Neepa. She's got a great eye for style and tailored my outfits to my lifestyle."

- Lana, Teacher
I was wasting money on clothes that didn’t make me look good

"I was tired of buying things that I thought would look good, but didn't. I felt like I was wasting money on clothes!

Neepa cut through the noise of fashion and found pieces I love and can keep for a long time. Getting Neepa’s help is reducing my clothing spending in the long run. I learned that I should try things that are unexpected for me. To my surprise I ended up loving a few pieces I really did not expect to."

- Kelly, Consultant
woman in black and white striped long sleeve shirt tucked into black pants. Standing in front of a white door/light gray wall. Holding a mobile phone.
I assumed hiring a personal stylist was something that the stars did before the Emmys - not regular folks like me!

"After years working from home as an entrepreneur,I started a new job in a leadership position. I wanted to look the part and feel confident in my clothes. I had a baby recently and my old business clothes felt outdated.

I assumed hiring a personal stylist was something that the stars did before the Emmys - not regular folks like me!

I hired Neepa because I wanted to be happier in what I was wearing, feel more confident, and fulfill my style potential with outfits that were cool, comfortable and made sense for my current life stage, not my past.

Working with Neepa was fantastic. She is down-to-earth, fun, and direct when she needs to be to make sure you get everything you can out of the process.

I was surprised that I look good in fashion sneakers (and what fashion sneakers are!) I learned that I was good at picking things out for myself, but that I needed to spend more money on clothing in order to have what I needed for work and socializing. Spending on a few good pieces now means I’m saving money on buying things I don't like or need later.

I was surprised at how much time Neepa spent with me. I’m so happy because my closet is organized better and I can get ready faster in the morning.

This was an incredible experience!"

- Emily