clothing on a rack with a hat and text "8 Ways to Stop Wasting Money on Clothes" in a purple rectangle

8 Ways to Stop Wasting Money on Clothes

By Neepa Sikdar / June 9, 2023

I’ve been thinking about why women waste so much money on clothing they’ll never wear. Did you know that the average american woman spends $3,756 a year on clothes, but doesn’t wear 25% of it? That’s $900 just sitting there gathering dust. That’s a plane ticket somewhere fun. Here are 8 Ways to Stop Wasting…

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A row of shoes on the floor next to the bottom half of a woman's body in a red skirt with the text Her Style Story

Meet Patricia, A Style Reset Client

By Rita Cheng / July 29, 2022

Patricia wasn’t sure if stylish clothes existed in her closet.  She hired me after she turned 30, go married, and was accepted to medical school. She was ready to level up her personal style so she could make a good impression in front of her peers and mentors in her new medical program. Previously she…

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6 Ways to Improve Your Relationship With Your Body Header image with Neepa holding a cup that says "more self love"

6 Ways to Improve Your Relationship With Your Body

By Neepa Sikdar / February 20, 2022

On January 6th I spoke on a panel about body image with a personal trainer, photographer, therapist, and nutritionist.  We each encounter body issues when working with clients and we shared how to overcome them. The idea for the panel came from my friend Aimee who was put on a diet by her mother at…

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5 Reasons to Stop Using Weight as an Excuse to Not Focus on Your Style image

5 Reasons to Stop Using Weight as an Excuse to Not Focus on Your Style

By Neepa Sikdar / March 1, 2021

Here’s the story I hear most often from women: “I’m going to wait until I lose weight before focusing on my style.” “Neepa, I’d love to hire you but I need to lose some weight first.” ” I don’t want to spend money on clothes, until I get to my target weight goal”. My response:…

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3 Spring 2020 Fashion Trends header image

3 Spring 2020 Fashion Trends To Add To Your Closet

By Neepa Sikdar / May 1, 2020

Although we’re confined to our homes, it doesn’t mean that we can’t plan for life beyond the quarantine.  I know times are scary right now and the future seems dim, but have faith, I promise we’ll get to go outside and show off our cute outfits again. In the meantime, I’m sharing Spring 2020’s fashion…

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New Jersey Accessible Style Personal Stylist Client of Neepa Sikdar, Her story - everyday women with accessible style - Karen

Her Stories – Everyday Women with Accessible Style: Meet Karen

By Neepa Sikdar / June 13, 2019

Meet Karen: Mom of 2, community leader and office manager in New York City. I met Karen 9 years ago at a PTA meeting. She convinced me to be class mom, sign up to co-chair the book fair, and participate in the bake sale all in the same meeting. I always joked that she was…

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