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Her Accessible Style Story: Meet Krupa

Meet Krupa, a Senior HR Business Partner and a mom of two young kids. Although we lived in neighboring towns we’d never met until she went on a search for a personal stylist. Like many women who’ve had back-to-back children, it was time for Krupa to hit the reset button on her wardrobe. During our consultation, we agreed that my Shop Your Closet service was exactly what she needed.

Due to her demanding lifestyle, it was important that we removed clothing that no longer served her and then got to work on the clothes that were left.

When I arrived at her home I was greeted by her beautiful smile, she has one of those grins that lights up a room. Since our session, we’ve kept in touch and I’ve been so inspired by the active role she takes in helping her community through the local moms group. That made her a great choice for Her Stories, everyday women with Accessible Style.

Read the rest of Krupa’s accessible style story is in her own words. I hope it reminds you that you're not alone in your style dilemmas and taking the first step in hiring someone to help can go a long way.

What made you want to hire a personal stylist at this point in your life? 

I am in a senior role in my firm, and after having my second baby; I wanted to take things up a notch. I thought I knew what looked good on me, but felt I could dress better. I couldn't figure out what was holding me back.

Why did you hire Neepa?

Intuition. Neepa came recommended through a local moms group that I’m a member of, and people had nothing but good feedback. I checked out her website and bio, I really liked that she’s not trying to fit me into a pre-determined style, but worked with that I like.

What was it like to work with Neepa?

Neepa edited my closet and helped me figure out what was missing. She styled outfits with what remained and I was able to wear them immediately. She also recommended some new items that I've since purchased. My favorite is a pair of blue suede heels that I absolutely LOVE. I loved the experience and glad she helped me purge things that I knew subconsciously weren't right for me. Now I have a better idea of what to look for when I shop.

What did you love about the process?

The best part was, she didn’t completely trash my wardrobe and made outfits out of things I already own. This was important, as I wasn’t ready to part with a few things.

What is something you learned from your experience?

I have a better understanding of what to look for when I shop. She explained what styles look good on me. Since I’m petite, I have found it challenging to shop for pants that look and feel good as well as tops that hit at the right length.

How do you feel about your closet & wardrobe now?

It’s still a work in progress, BUT I feel much more confident in grabbing something and knowing that it’s going to look good.

My final thoughts 

Krupa was ready to start dressing like the savvy career woman she is.  Her job in Human Resources required her to speak in front of teams often.  I wanted to make sure she had outfits that made her feel confident when giving presentations.  I discovered that she has a love for pretty shoes so she was delighted when I recommended a pair of blue suede heels a color she may have shied away in the past but absolutely LOVES now.

Are you ready to figure out what's holding you back from dressing better? 

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