Style Reset

"An algorithm isn't going to help you define your style but a person who cares about you will."

The average American woman spends $3756 a year on clothes but doesn't wear 25% of it.

That's $900 just sitting there gathering dust.

52% of women own shoes they never wear because they are too painful.

So in 20 years without counting for inflation, you’ve probably spent $18,000 on clothes you don’t wear!!!

Can you imagine how many other things you could’ve spent that money on? Crazy, right?

Wouldn't it be great if you could save time and money by finding clothes that feel authentic and work for the woman you are NOW?

I mean, after all, isn’t it time YOU

👗  Spend money strategically and wisely on your clothes ...

👗  Walk into any room with confidence without tugging on your waistband....

👗  Strut in your favorite jeans and tshirt feeling like a million....

👗  Fall in love with your wardrobe knowing every piece has been personally styled for you.


Within 7 seconds of meeting someone, an impression is formed.
55% of communication is what you wear.
We only wear 20% of our wardrobe 80% of the time.
93% of communication is non-verbal.

With these types of statistics it’s no wonder you feel frustrated over your wardrobe.

You’re NOT alone, ...

My Style Reset Service is the ultimate wardrobe transformation.

We'll curate your signature style in just 8-10 weeks using my exclusive method.
The results are guaranteed to increase your confidence, visibility and a HUGE return on investment.

How it Works...

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Step 1

Style Discovery

We start with a deep dive into your current lifestyle, wardrobe needs and we’ll understand your likes/dislikes. We’ll identify your goals so we can envision your fresh, new style together.

Wardrobe Edit

This is where the fun begins! We’re going to get clear about what flatters and what doesn’t, so know how to dress for your body. I’ll create a strategic game plan to whip your wardrobe in shape.

    • Closet Edit: We’ll review 2 seasons of your wardrobe to determine what to keep, donate, alter, or consign.
    • Post Session Style assessment: A beautiful recap of our session that includes your image assessment, body type analysis, a prioritized shopping list, and a to do list to move us forward.
    • This can be done in person or through Zoom.
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Step 2

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Step 3

Style Personality

Remember when you used to clip your favorite magazine pictures? This is better than that. I’ll create an image inspiration board based on your style aesthetic or personality types, and we’ll use that as inspiration for everyone’s favorite part … Step 4, the shopping!

Online Shopping

My fashion industry experience will help us find the highest quality pieces for your budget. We’ll divide your shopping list into 2-3 rounds of power-packed add to cart pieces you’ll be giddy over. I’ll pull options into your virtual closet and direct you through each round with a video walkthrough. You’ll get photos with shoppable links to purchase the items.

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Step 4

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Step 5


You’ll finally rush to the door with happiness every time a package arrives. And instead of that, “OK, that was fun” feeling, we’re gonna have a zoom FIT session so we can decide what’s worth keeping and what needs to be returned. Isn’t it incredible to have an expert by your side to help you decide?

Styled Outfits

I’ll create brand new outfits for you, using what we’ve kept from your closet edit, combining your new clothes and comfy favorites to create your dynamic new Signature Style. I’ll create the outfits, you show them off and receive a ton of compliments. Talk about owning a room! This is where it all comes together, the results are jaw dropping.

    • You’ll receive an exclusive, just-for-you digital lookbook with 15-20 head-to-toe looks, complete with shoes and accessories. Getting dressed is going to be fun from now on.
    • You’ll have a brand new private online closet where you’ll have all of your styled outfits at your fingertips. No more second guessing on what to wear. It’ll be on your phone wherever you go.
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Step 6


Private Online Closet

Once you’re an official member of Accessible Style’s V.I.P client list you’ll have your own account which gives you exclusive access to me and EVERYTHING in your closet with a profile you can access 24/7.


Remember Cher’s closet in Clueless, it’s like that but way better. (Some of my clients have said this one bonus has saved them thousands of dollars.)

Style Help Desk

From our first session to 3 weeks past our last session, you can text or email me with your questions, wins and overall style happiness.

New Jersey Accessible Style Personal Stylist Client of Neepa Sikdar, Julie

"Before working with Neepa I liked nice clothes but I hated shopping. I wanted more luxurious brands but didn't have any idea where to start looking or how to determine what was worth the higher price tag and what wasn't. Neepa helped me discover new brands that I love that are work and age-appropriate and to identify pieces that are worth splurging on.

I was so grateful to come home with a closet full of new clothes and accessories that make me feel great when I wear them.

- Julie, Chief Operating Officer International Realty
Style Overhaul Julie testimonial NJ Personal Stylist Neepa Sikdar

4 years later, an update from Julie

I have fun putting my wardrobe together these days, and I actually have seen so-cial media posts where people comment, I can't wait to see what she'll wear next. I'm becoming known as a fashion leader in my network thanks to Neepa.

"I didn't realize how clothes affected how I feel about myself. Transitioning from a single girl in the city to suburban mom of two with zero spare time was not easy. None of my clothes fit my new body and lifestyle. I wasn't sure where to shop anymore. When I had big meetings, I'd get desperate and rush to the nearest department store and waste money buying items that didn't really suit me. Neepa helped me find my groove with grace + professionalism, I couldn't afford NOT to hire her."

- Kerri, Managing Partner + Owner of Financial Services Company
New Jersey Accessible Style Personal Stylist Client of Neepa Sikdar, Kerri, Managing Partner, Apogee Wealth Advisors
Style Overhaul before and after Kerri testimonial New Jersey Personal Stylist Neepa Sikdar

"After being out of the workforce for several years, I felt that my closet was outdated. Neepa helped me get a sense of my current style and focused on what I already owned as opposed to going to an anonymous personal shopper at a store who has never seen my closet. She's so personable, friendly, supportive, and has a great sense of humor. Most of all, you feel supported because she's decisive and gently takes control when needed. She made it clear that she wasn't going to impose a style on me and was understanding of my body issues. I no longer stand and stare sadly at my closet, I can immediately find something to wear."

- Rebecca, Writer
New Jersey Accessible Style Personal Stylist Client of Neepa Sikdar, Rebecca, Sort Shop Style
New Jersey Accessible Style Personal Stylist Client of Neepa Sikdar, Karen

"Though it took me a long time to make a style transformation, it was so worth it. Time is a constant crunch, it's easy to "steal time" from your own needs. I thought if I don't have time to get to the gym, how could I justify trying on clothes. But when you like how you look IN your clothes, you WANT to go to the gym and look and feel better. When you look and feel better, you bring that energy and positive vibes back to your family.
You've heard this before but you seriously need to put the oxygen mask on yourself 1st. Neepa is an integral part of my oxygen mask."

- Karen, Office Manager

To read more of Karen's style journey, head over to the blog.

Worried if this will work if you live far away from me? No problem! We do this work virtually, so you can stay comfortable in your own home and thanks to technology we’ll be completely connected.

Think of me as your personal fairy godmother and style coach wrapped up in one.


*Does not include the cost of wardrobe purchases. Payment plan is available.

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