Do you enter your closet and think, "Can I just get rid of all my clothes and start again?"

Are you a busy executive or entrepreneur who needs to dress well for her job?

A female leader has increased pressure to look good. She's judged much more harshly than her male counterpart.

What she wears MUST

  • Convey professionalism
  • Reflect her company's aesthetic
  • Be considered appropriate
  • Show that she's the BOSS
  • Increase her visibility
  • Make her look relatable
  • Convince others to invest large sums of money.

The Style Overhaul is perfect for someone who's tired of feeling stuck and ready to hit the reset button from the base layer up.

Quick Overview

  • 4 individual sessions
  • Shopping trips for shoes, accessories, undergarments
  • Tools and tips to help you shop with confidence going forward

Here's How it Works...

We begin with a consultation where I learn more about you, your daily routine and lifestyle. We clarify your style goals, expectations and schedule our meeting dates.



DAY 1 SORT (2.5 hours)

A wardrobe analysis on what flatters and what doesn't so you're clear on how to dress for your body. We'll discover the rockstar pieces in your wardrobe and I'll create a strategic game plan to get your wardrobe in shape.

    • Closet Edit: We'll determine what to keep, donate, alter, or consign. I promise to be kind and gently nudge you to let go of pieces that no longer serve you.
    • Outfit Styling: I'll create 5-8 head to toe outfits from items already in your closet you can wear immediately.
    • Post Session, you'll receive online access to the outfits I created and a prioritized shop-ping list tailor-made to address your wardrobing needs.


Day 2: SIGNATURE SHOP (2.5 hours)

    • I head to stores before you arrive and fill your dressing room with great finds.
    • Feel like a celebrity as you try on pieces curated just for you, by a style expert with over 10 years in the fashion industry.
    • Special discounts are arranged at select stores maximizing your budget.



We begin with the base layer up by shopping for bras, underwear, shapewear. Includes an expert bra fitting and pre-shop.

We focus on the fun details: shoes, jewelry, and handbags that will elevate your outfit from "fine" to fab. As a former accessories buyer, this is my favorite shopping trip. Includes pre-shop.

Day 4: STYLE (2.5 hours)

I make outfits, you show them off and receive a ton of compliments. This is where it all comes together, the results are jaw-dropping.

    • I come to your home to blend your new pieces with your old favorites
    • I style 20-25 head to toe looks complete with shoes and accessories
    • A mini photo session where you model your new outfits + I show you how to pose


New Jersey Personal Stylist Style Inspiration with Neepa Sikdar

Private Inspiration Board

Your style is personal and requires a deep dive into what makes you smile. I'll create a private board for us to share inspiration and style advice.

Private Online Lookbook

You've become an official member of Accessible Style's V.I.P list through my private online customer portal. You'll get setup with your own account giving you exclusive access to me and EVERYTHING in your closet with a profile you can access 24/7.

    • Items in your closet are uploaded to your online closet so you know exactly what you own.
    • Your styled outfits are edited + uploaded for easy reference making getting dressed easy.
    • Keep track of your go-to brands, wishlist and style inspiration all in one place.
    • A place for us to communicate and allow us to work virtually going forward.


New Jersey Personal Stylist Style Look Book with Neepa Sikdar
New Jersey Personal Stylist Style Help Desk with Neepa Sikdar

Style Help Desk

Wondering if an outfit you created on your own works? Questions you forgot to ask me? Think of me as your fashion "help desk".

Text or email me with unlimited questions for 1 month following your STYLE session.

Closet Organization + Wardrobe Tool Kit

Your clothes need room to breathe. I'll provide you with supplies to get your closet organized and a wardrobe tool kit that'll keep your clothes looking new.

New Jersey Accessible Style Personal Stylist Client of Neepa Sikdar, Julie

"Before working with Neepa I liked nice clothes but I hated shopping. I wanted more luxurious brands but didn't have any idea where to start looking or how to determine what was worth the higher price tag and what wasn't. Neepa helped me discover new brands that I love that are work and age-appropriate and to identify pieces that are worth splurging on.

I was so grateful to come home with a closet full of new clothes and accessories that make me feel great when I wear them.

- Julie, Chief Operating Officer International Realty
Style Overhaul Julie testimonial NJ Personal Stylist Neepa Sikdar

4 years later, an update from Julie

I have fun putting my wardrobe together these days, and I actually have seen so-cial media posts where people comment, I can't wait to see what she'll wear next. I'm becoming known as a fashion leader in my network thanks to Neepa.

"I didn't realize how clothes affected how I feel about myself. Transitioning from a single girl in the city to suburban mom of two with zero spare time was not easy. None of my clothes fit my new body and lifestyle. I wasn't sure where to shop anymore. When I had big meetings, I'd get desperate and rush to the nearest department store and waste money buying items that didn't really suit me. Neepa helped me find my groove with grace + professionalism, I couldn't afford NOT to hire her."

- Kerri, Managing Partner + Owner of Financial Services Company
New Jersey Accessible Style Personal Stylist Client of Neepa Sikdar, Kerri, Managing Partner, Apogee Wealth Advisors
Style Overhaul before and after Kerri testimonial New Jersey Personal Stylist Neepa Sikdar

This service is a complete and thorough transformation. I'll be there with you every step of the way. We'll define a personal style that blends the person you were with the one you are now.

This VIP service is for those who are 100% committed to upgrading their wardrobe. This is a serious time + money commitment, schedule a consultation with Neepa to see if you meet the requirements for this service.


(includes 4 in-person sessions)

*Does not include the cost of wardrobe purchases. Payment plan is available.

This service can be done virtually, please connect with us for more information.

Frequently asked questions

Ready to Take action?

I offer a strategic approach to style discovery and provide solutions to make getting dressed simpler while saving you time and money. Together we'll identify what brands are best for you and how to dress for the woman you are NOW.

Schedule a style strategy call with me to learn more.