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3 Spring 2020 Fashion Trends To Add To Your Closet

Although we’re confined to our homes, it doesn’t mean that we can’t plan for life beyond the quarantine.  I know times are scary right now and the future seems dim, but have faith, I promise we'll get to go outside and show off our cute outfits again.

In the meantime, I’m sharing Spring 2020’s fashion trends that are worth adding to your closet. This season’s trends are incredibly wearable; designers are finally getting in sync with street style. Many of them are designing into trends that can be easily translated for the regular gal.

Each season there are a ton of trends, but it's my job to determine the ones that are the most wearable for you and my clients.  People often confuse floral print, stripes, or chambray shirts as spring trends, but they are not trends. They are the fabrics and patterns you’ll see every spring.

It makes me so SAD we’re not able to appreciate these pieces right away but I have a feeling we’ll definitely be able to wear them later in the year and next Spring too.

Spring 2020 is one of my favorite seasons in terms of design in a LONG LONG time.

Seriously I LOVE the options. 

I test drove each trend for you before I decided to share, so you can see what it looks like in real life.

The best part is you can shop similar styles from the links below all under $100.

Go ahead and add a piece to your wardrobe that will make you excited for better days ahead.  A little online shopping (not binge shopping) can be very therapeutic while being stuck indoors.

Trend # 1 High Volume

This trend refers to pieces that are overly exaggerated and voluminous in shape.  Mostly found in statement-making dresses that are rich in color and drama and can seem daunting to most women.  This is COLOR and PRINT on steroids, so it's not for our girl who wears all black.

However, those who love the romantic, bohemian, or minimalistic look will be encouraged to try this trend.

Think of it as an over the top Maxi dress

3 outfits with High Volume

How I Wore It

A great way to lighten the dramatic effect is to pair these dresses with sneakers and tennis shoes. I’d recommend sizing down in this style as there is just so much fabric.  Wearing your current size could engulf your frame.  Be sure to wear shapewear underneath to avoid the “mom to be look”.

I tried the High Volume trend, in this gorgeous Tory Burch peasant dress paired with a white tee, stacked heels and a gorgeous straw bag. It's SO COMFORTABLE and walking to the end of my block appreciating the cherry blossoms and pretending it was a normal spring day did wonders for MY SOUL.

Shop High Volume from 3 Spring 2020 Fashion Trends

Trend # 2 Puff Sleeve

The biggest trend of this season and the easiest to wear is the puff sleeve.  This refers to exaggerated design on the sleeves of garments. This trend can be found in dresses and tops. The coolest part is that so many designers are mixing fabrics together to create the look. For example, this black Versace dress has arms in their iconic print.

How I Wore It

I love the floral print of this Bash Paris top, the puff sleeve detail is ever so subtle at the top of this outfit.  I wasn’t sure if I loved this shirt as I was concerned about my upper body looking too large.  I was a little self-conscious in it despite it photographing well.

Image of How Neepa Wore the Puff Sleeves Trend Full Body, One of three Spring 2020 Fashion Trends

That’s the thing about trends, you don’t have to try them ALL but the point is to try something to get you out of your style rut.  I ended up returning this and buying a simple thin navy sweater with puff sleeves that made me more comfortable.

Shop Puff Sleeves from 3 Spring 2020 Fashion Trends

Trend # 3 Carrot Leg Jeans

Don’t freak out, I’m not telling you to get rid of your skinny jeans but this trend is a throwback to 80s style, think Madonna at her best or even Katherine Hepburn.

This style is something you can buy now and easily wear into fall.  What I love about these jeans is it sucks you in at the top due to the elastic/narrow waistband and then tapers down at the bottom making it so easy to style with sneakers, pumps or boots.  This also creates a slimming effect on most bodies.

3 Outfits with Carrot Leg Jeans, one of three Spring 2020 Fashion Trends

How I Wore It

I LOVE this trend so much especially these Mother Jeans.  I kept my look casual with a simple graphic tee or long sleeve cotton shirt, and my Adidas sneakers.  However, I’m excited to recreate endless outfits with these including a leather jacket or blazer and heels.  There are so many brands selling this style that it's safe to say it won’t be going away soon.

I was nervous about posting about fashion trends during this time of Cov-id 19 but so many people have let me know that my posts bring some much needed lightness to their daily lives, so I’ll keep sharing.

Please stay healthy and safe, I hope you’ll try one of these trends and if you do please tag me @accessiblestyle.

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  1. Amy Collins on May 13, 2020 at 4:08 pm

    Neepa – you’re so on point with how you show us how to wear each style. Thank you! I ordered the navy puff sleeved sweater, too and am excited to enjoy it! I really appreciate your insight. Enjoy today!

    • Neepa Sikdar on February 16, 2022 at 5:05 pm

      so happy to hear that you found this useful.

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