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Our Rise + Style Membership is not open at this time, but we're re-opening our doors this Spring and we'd love for you to join us.

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Does your current wardrobe leave you feeling overwhelmed, embarrassed and uninspired?

Does This Sound Familiar?

  • “Someday I’ll work on my personal style, right now I’m just too busy!”
  • “As soon as I lose ten pounds, I’ll go shopping!”
  • “My body has changed so much after kids/menopause, where do I begin?”
  • “I can’t afford a stylist, they’re for the rich and famous.”
  • “Why does she always look so put together? I wish I had her style!”
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If you’re nodding your head right now, you’re in the right place.

Here’s the TRUTH, not being a fashion insider is NOT your fault

  • The people you buy clothes from have convinced you that shopping constantly from your phone is going to fix the problem of “I have nothing to wear.”
  • Companies keep changing sizing, fabric, and fit so often, that you’re a size 10 in one store, but a size 4 in another.
  • The fashion industry has told you a ton of rules and then told you to break them.
  • There’s just so much of the buy me NOW instant gratification dopamine hit inducing sales mentality being exploited, “it’s no wonder you’re not sure where to shop anymore.

What if...

The next time you’re out to dinner, you feel incredible because your jeans make your butt look awesome.

You could waltz into your closet, pick out an outfit that feels authentic to you and get dressed in 5 mins?

You’re on vacation and a complete stranger stops you to compliment your outfit.

You felt confident in spending money on yourself because you had an exactly plan of what you need and where to shop.

Three diverse women walking wearing business casual outfits

These results are possible with our Rise + Style membership

Our Mission

We’ve created a diverse size inclusive community of women who cheer each other on their personal style journey. 

We give you the exact tools you need to develop a signature style that works for your budget, lifestyle and personality.

We help you take back control of your wardrobe so you can show up as the best version of yourself.

At Rise + Style we believe YOU can:

👗  Be the best version of yourself: get up, dress up and show up for your life.

👗  Roll up your sleeves (pun intended) and take back control of your wardrobe.

👗  Learn from a diverse community of women with different body shapes, ages and backgrounds.

👗  Own your personal style without losing any weight.

👗  Put together an outfit without criticizing your body.


Meet Neepa Sikdar, creator of Rise + Style,

Neepa is a highly sought-after experienced personal stylist who works with female leaders on the rise helping them take their personal brand to the next level. She provides practical style solutions that help women raise their confidence, visibility, and revenue. Her clients include c-suite executives and seasoned 6-7 figure entrepreneurs.

Prior to launching her styling business she worked as a corporate retail buyer in NYC for J.Crew, Liz Claiborne and Donna Karan. She’s been featured in WikiHow, Business Insider, 201 Magazine, Best Version Media, NJ Mompreneur of the week, and various business podcasts. In 2022, Neepa was chosen as a top stylist by her community for 201’s Best of Bergen Awards.

It’s her belief that great style should be accessible to everyone that led her to create the Rise + Style community. The community is full of women from different walks of life and budgets who have come together because they understand that style is an incredible tool to help you achieve your goals and that deciding what to wear is more fun when you have a community of girlfriends cheering you on.

"I was digging around online for style tips but never came across anything that grabbed me like this program. Now my outfits are more cohesive and match my personality. My mornings so much easier and I feel confident throughout my day."

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Watch the Q+A video above with our Rise + Style member Angela

What is Rise + Style?

Your Rise + Style membership gives you access to:
Computer screen with a screenshot of the Rise + Style membership portal, a cell phone to the left front with a screenshot of the cover of the Swimsuit Guide, a tablet with a screenshot of the Rise + Style facebook community cover photo
  • Quick + easy to follow video lessons (body type, wardrobe plans, how to shop)
  • PDF guides and style hacks to help you make progress
  • Access to private Facebook community
  • Monthly Live training and Q&A session
  • Ability to upgrade to 1:1 session with our Founder, Neepa Sikdar
  • Membership Price is locked in, even if we increase the price, yours won't change

What’s inside our Rise + Style Membership

  • A place to start when you have no clue what your personal style is
  • Identify your body shape and what cuts will flatter you
  • The questions to ask when editing your closet so you make practical decisions and not emotional ones
  • The 4 step SHOP SMART strategy to help you find what you need quickly online
  • How to look relevant and not trendy
  • Outfit formulas that work for your lifestyle
  • The brands to shop for that are in alignment with your personality
  • Guest Experts who share their knowledge in key areas (bras, footwear, hair care etc)
  • Understanding your sales mentality and how it affects the way you SHOP
  • A community of girlfriends who’ll support you during your style evolution
Image of a group of diverse women in various clothing styles

Come join our size-inclusive community

and take back control of your style

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A Sneak Peek Inside Our Group

A fashion membership is for you if you’re looking to get clarity around how to dress for your body type, understanding what style aesthetics you gravitate towards so you can dress in a way that aligns with your personality and goals. Neepa provides practical style solutions and easy to follow videos so you can develop an authentic personal style in a stress free way.

This is for
  • Women looking to upgrade their style in order to get promoted, hired or recognized at work
  • Women who want to be taken more seriously and come from a place of authority
  • Business owners are looking to raise their visibility so their image aligns with their brand
  • Speakers and Coaches who want a cohesive image that helps their message reach larger audiences
  • DIYer who is willing to watch videos and participate in discussions and q+a’s

This is not for
  • Women who just want a list of links to shop
  • Women not willing to commit a few hours each month to working on their personal style development
  • Women who are afraid to deal with the items in their closet that no longer serve them
  • If you aren’t interested in being part of a group of women who support and uplift each other
  • Women who expect Neepa to shop for them. While we provide plenty of ideas and links, shopping is reserved for 1:1 clients
before and after photos from members of the Rise + Style membership
NJ Personal Stylist Neepa Sikdar Personal Style


Ready to be part of our community?

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