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How to Dress for Fall Layers

Funny Fall Weather NJ quote

Have you seen this funny post circulating on social media recently? This week alone we've experienced the drastic dip in temperatures. It makes it hard to know how to dress for Fall properly.

This is a part of our everyday reality in the Northeast and eventually, it trickles over to the rest of the country. This makes getting dressed so challenging for ALL of US.

How can you possibly predict what to wear each day despite obsessively checking the weather apps? More importantly, how can we get excited about fall clothes when we know we might still be wearing t-shirts in November.

The drastic change in temps is our new reality and layering your clothes is the Jedi ninja mind trick you have to master in order to get through your day.

Check out these simple ways to master layering for Fall, without necessarily purchasing something new.

Add pieces to Summer Staples

Dress Fall Layers Summer Staples

Always think about how to prolong the life of each item in your closet. Take your favorite vintage t-shirt and layer on a camo print jacket or wear a button-down shirt as a jacket. Add a Fedora hat, printed scarf and keep your sunglasses. Play around with the pant hem by rolling and cuffing to keep it fresh for fall’s footwear options. Invest in a new pair of denim so you can be excited about your casual looks.

Repurpose your Spring Blazers

Repurpose Spring Blazers

This blazer I bought in spring can easily be carried forward to fall. Wearing closed-toe shoes and adding on a maroon work tote help me transition the blazer. Another way to style it is to swap the short sleeve white top for navy or maroon or switch the jeans to a darker wash. I can easily take off the blazer for the commute and put it back on for the freezing indoors.

Expand your 3rd Piece Wardrobe

Expand your third piece wardrobe - NJ Personal Stylist Neepa Sikdar

Most women wear either a dress or a top and pants and that's it. NOPE, you need that next piece for layering. My fave FALL 3rd piece options are moto jackets, scarves, fedora hats, and oversized capes. If scarves are typically your 3rd piece for fall, get them out and practice tying them in new ways or change it up by trying a hat. Just because you always wear a cardigan doesn’t mean you have to keep wearing them all the time. Take that 3rd piece item you already own and think, "how else can I style this?".

So there you have it, my tips on how to dress for fall layers. My hope is that you’ll pick a tip (or two) and incorporate them into your wardrobe.

If I've inspired you please share your finds with me via Instagram or email me at: info@accessiblestyle.net

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