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Her Accessible Style Story: Meet Kerri

Meet Kerri, Founder & Managing Partner of Apogee Wealth Advisors and a mom of 2 adorable boys.

Kerri’s style story is that of literally most moms I meet. In her 20s Before she worked at an ad agency in New York City and wore unique edgy pieces that gave off a cool + edgy vibe. Fast forward to 2016 when her youngest was almost two and still wearing maternity pants, Kerri knew it was time for a change.

She hired me for a Fall + Spring Sort, Shop, Style because she needed clothes that:

  • Fit her new post children body
  • Looked chic in front of her Madison Avenue clients
  • Reflected a lifestyle of a hip working suburban mom

Read the rest of Kerri’s story in her own words.

Until going through my first Sort, Shop, Style with Neepa, I didn't realize how much my clothes affected how I feel about myself. Transitioning from single girl to suburban mom was not easy and she really helped me to find my groove with grace and professionalism.

Why did you hire Neepa?

A very good friend introduced me to her stylist Neepa and I was immediately impressed with how personable she is. Her experience in the fashion industry also impressed me. And it was clear she worked with many different types of clients and provided customized service.

What was it like to work with Neepa?

Working with Neepa was a revelation. She was kind when going through my closet - no judgements - and took note of my unique style. Although we had to get rid of some old favorites that would never fit again, she had great ideas how we could replace them with updated styles.

How has working with Neepa changed how you dress for work?

When dressing for work in the morning I used to start with the pair of pants that fit, then built from there. Now that I have a variety of clothes that fit properly, I think about who I'm meeting with that day and what image I want to project. I look at my personal client page Neepa built for me and choose an outfit from there. I find the styling photos on my site really helpful to remember Neepa's cool combinations that I’d never have thought of on my own.

What is something you learned from this experience?

I learned the importance of investing in good quality pieces. I had always thought I couldn't afford a stylist but in the end I was wasting so much money on clothes that didn't fit right or didn't flatter me, I couldn't afford NOT to have Neepa's help.

Sort, Shop, Style with Neepa

My Final Thoughts

Kerri is my quintessential “cool girl”. In her closet I discovered a unique jewelry collection gathered over time and loved creating outfits around them.

She works in the world of finance and investments so her clients need to take her seriously because she’s managing large sums of money. She also needed to appear trustworthy and dress like the BOSS that she is. Kerri needed classic pieces for her work wardrobe like sheath dresses and well made trousers. But I didn’t want us to forget the old “Kerri” so I picked edgy open toe booties, a vest and a racer stripe Marc Jacobs bag.

Your mom style doesn’t have to be frumpy or outdated, let’s discover your unique personal style.

Kerri is one of my co-authors for Redefining Success. What I love about Kerri is that she has a big heart and a generous spirit. Kerri + her team specialize in helping women with their financial planning and investment management. She encouraged me to raise my rates and start charging what I’m worth. She wants women to take charge of their investments and feel empowered to make financial decisions on their own.



As a special bonus she’s sharing:

3 Tips for Savvy Female Investors

Understand your risk tolerance

Is your retirement account still invested with the risk tolerance of a 22-yr-old? Assess your risk tolerance, you may be more conservative than you think. Then review your investment allocation and make sure it's aligned with the level of risk you're comfortable with.

Align your investments with your values

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Build a team

Hire a support team of professionals to help you embrace and grow your wealth. A typical team would include an accountant, a financial advisor, and an estate attorney. You may also need a financial coach or an insurance agent. Surround yourself with experts and you will be amazed with the transformation!

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