5 Reasons to Stop Using Weight as an Excuse to Not Focus on Your Style image

5 Reasons to Stop Using Weight as an Excuse to Not Focus on Your Style

Here's the story I hear most often from women:

“I'm going to wait until I lose weight before focusing on my style.”

“Neepa, I'd love to hire you but I need to lose some weight first.”

“ I don't want to spend money on clothes, until I get to my target weight goal”.

My response:

Stop using weight as an excuse to not focus on your STYLE

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Reason #1

Your body type is not based on how much you weigh, it's based on the architecture of your body.

When you gain weight your overall measurements may increase but your body frame remains the same.

You may need to try different styling tricks to create waist definition but the silhouettes that are most flattering on you will stay the same.

Reason #2

When you don't shop for anything new until you lose weight, you feel like a failure every time you walk into your closet.  If the items in your closet are too tight or constricting, you're setting yourself up to feel bad every time you get dressed.

You will continue to body shame and tell yourself you're not worthy of nice things because something is wrong with your body.

Reason #3

You're perpetuating a fantasy that being thinner is better.  That somehow losing weight will make your problems go away, or give you a reason to go after what you want.

That you'll only accept yourself if the scale is a certain number.  This is a dangerous recipe that can have long term effects on your well being.

Reason #4

When you get dressed in clothes that make you feel good, you want to keep having that feeling.

Getting a few transitional pieces while you lose weight, will release feel good hormones and increase your productivity.  Focusing on FIT versus a number on a scale helps to reduce the anxiety around target weight numbers and BMI which doesn't always take into account muscle gain.  When you feel good, you are more likely to stay on top of your fitness and healthy eating habits.

Reason #5

You're postponing your life and not living in the present.

I gained some weight over the holidays and I started to feel bad about it.  Then I reminded myself that I'm surviving this pandemic with my mental sanity in check.  Sometimes that meant indulging in cocoa bombs and popcorn during movies nights which have become priority family time.

Be in the photos with your kids, show up in the moment, stop shaming yourself about your weight.

Every “body” is Different

The next time something doesn't fit follow my mantra

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