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3 Spring 2020 Fashion Trends To Add To Your Closet

By Neepa Sikdar / May 1, 2020

Although we’re confined to our homes, it doesn’t mean that we can’t plan for life beyond the quarantine.  I know times are scary right now and the future seems dim, but have faith, I promise we’ll get to go outside and show off our cute outfits again. In the meantime, I’m sharing Spring 2020’s fashion…

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Her Accessible Style Story: Meet Kerri

By Neepa Sikdar / April 6, 2017

Meet Kerri, Founder & Managing Partner of Apogee Wealth Advisors and a mom of 2 adorable boys. Kerri’s style story is that of literally most moms I meet. In her 20s Before she worked at an ad agency in New York City and wore unique edgy pieces that gave off a cool + edgy vibe. Fast…

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How to Dress for Fall Layers - NJ Personal Stylist Neepa Sikdar

How to Edit Your Closet like a PRO

By Neepa Sikdar / January 16, 2017

Your closet is an intimate space and each piece of your wardrobe holds a memory of when you acquired it. For most of my clients that means letting go of clothes from the past that no longer serve their current body, lifestyle and needs. January + September are great months to hit the reset button…

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Her Accessible Style Story: Meet Lana

By Neepa Sikdar / August 13, 2015

Meet Lana, a 3rd grade teacher and single mom Lana’s gorgeous and a complete sweetheart.  Her son’s her pride and joy but being a single mom and a 3rd grade teacher keeps her plate full.  It was time for a new look as she recently returned to the dating scene. At our initial consultation, we…

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