You have the ability to change people's perceptions of you based on what you wear and how you present yourself.

  • Are there photos of you on your website?
  • Are the outfits in your marketing material accurately depicting your personality?
  • Does the thought of a photoshoot make you nauseous because you have no clue what to wear?
  • Do your videos connect with your audience and convey your brand message?

If you're having trouble answering these questions, it may be time to update your personal brand style.

Ally Nathaniel, Author, Brand Styling Client of Accessible Style

The outfit you're wearing right now is giving us all clues to your character, identity, and whether we want to get to know you better.

Personal branding is the process of establishing a prescribed image or impression in the mind of others. It's about knowing who you are, what you stand for, and then finding ways to make that visible.

It combines all the elements of your brand: image, copy, photos, graphics, website, social media channels, marketing material. All pieces are crucial to establish a cohesive brand.

The worst thing you can do is hire a photographer, web designer, and graphic artist and then wear all black in your photos.

This will not showcase your personality, your light.

Through branding photography or video, you can stand out from the competition and become the face of your brand.

Isn't it time you raise your visibility and get noticed?


Creative Direction

Short on time and need expert eyes on your outfits?  We'll have an eye-opening conversation about how to create an authentic style for your branding shoot.

  • 60-minute video consultation to discuss style direction, company message and outfit ideas.
  • Action Plan with specific tips on shapes, brands. and silhouettes that compliment your outfits.
  • 20 minute follow up call to answer additional questions before shoot.


Sarah Walton, Business Coach + Speaker, Brand Styling Client of Accessible Style

Photoshoot/Video Styling

From creating specific outfits that work best for your body type, skin tone, and compliment your brand colors to being on set the day of the event, let me help you bring your brand story to life through your wardrobe.

I can partner with your photographer/videographer or recommend professionals I've worked with to ensure your shoot is a success.
You can hire me for one part of the creative process or all of it.

This service gives you everything you need to feel relaxed and at ease.

    • Creative Direction - listed above plus help with planning and final shot selection.
    • In-person or online shopping for specific outfits.
    • Head to Toe Styling of each outfit
    • Layout of Garments/Steaming and Prep of each look.
    • Onsite styling assistance day of the shoot.



    • Clothing that matches your personality and authentically captures your message.
    • Increase in social media engagement and followers.
    • More clients, sales of your product, service, course or membership program.
    • The confidence to take your brand to the next level.


My clients all wear the clothes they purchase for their photoshoot in real life.

Celeste, Hair Salon Owner, Brand Styling Client of Accessible Style

The photos on my website have been taken by Diane French Photography and Miki Foto + Co

Katrina, Principal Interior Designer KV Interiors, Brand Styling Client of Accessible Style

"I've seen Neepa's work and admired her process for several months. I knew in an instant that I wanted to work with her on a branding photoshoot. I have a particular style and always felt confident in it, but she encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone. I work on a variety of high-end projects and wanted to appear approachable while still showcasing my edgy style. She introduced me to brands I never thought of and showed me outfits to compliment my physique.The whole process was such a treat and a delightful experience. I can't wait to work together again"

Katrina, Principal Interior Designer KV Interiors

"Having Neepa at my photoshoot was incredible. I felt confident and ready to go, and knowing that her keen eye had been on every piece of jewelry, every pair of shoes and every outfit helped me to relax and enjoy the shoot so much more. Before each shot, she was fixing my necklace, or buttoning up my dress, making sure every detail was impeccable. The pieces I bought are items I can wear every day. It's worth every penny."

Sarah Walton, Business Coach + Speaker
New Jersey Accessible Style Personal Stylist Client of Neepa Sikdar, Sarah Walton
Woman wearing blue/gray blouse holding two pairs of tap shoes in gold and white standing in front of a gray wall

"I was hesitant about working with a stylist for SO many reasons. I'm a millennial CEO whose work is athletic, so I spend most of my time in leggings and jeans. I'm also a minimalist who prefers casual everything, and I can't stand shopping.

All of my clothes from 10 years ago still fit, so I just kept wearing them (because I hated shopping). But I didn't feel like myself (or my age). It was time for a change up, but I cringed every time I stepped into the mall or tried to shop online.

I was nervous that a stylist might try and put me into a traditional CEO boss-mode outfit, but Neepa helped me define my style and embrace it. She also taught me how to put together a great outfit, and which colors are most flattering for my skin tone, and that's helped me a LOT. She curated multiple looks for athletic apparel, day-to-day, and dressed up, for in-person, on-camera and on-stage.

Since working with Neepa, I've knocked out a bunch of filming that I was holding back on because I felt bleh about being on camera in those old clothes. I also circled back around and hired Neepa again to style a photoshoot for new headshots and action shots.

Neepa is lovely to work with. She's super professional, honest, kind, a great communicator, and damn good at her art form. She makes it easy to identify your style, so you can be yourself not just on the inside, but on the outside."

Hillary Atkinson, Tap Dance Artist, CEO of Tap Dance Company
3 photos of a woman - one in color long tunic and jeans with brown boots, middle photo of her in green suit jumping up into the air with black tap shoes and arms out, third photo of her in a long sleeve blue shirt with dark gray pants and light gray tap shoes


Access to highly talented professionals who are part of my Glam Squad (alterations, hair + makeup, photographers, hair salons, tanning, massage therapists, web designers, graphic designers). I only recommend the best to my clients.

*Price is dependent on the nature of the project, schedule a consultation to learn more.

This service can be done virtually, please connect with us for more information.