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8 Ways to Stop Wasting Money on Clothes

I've been thinking about why women waste so much money on clothing they'll never wear.

Did you know that the average american woman spends $3,756 a year on clothes, but doesn't wear 25% of it?

That's $900 just sitting there gathering dust.

That's a plane ticket somewhere fun.

Here are 8 Ways to Stop Wasting Money on Clothes

01 Review what you own before you shop

It's important to take inventory of what you own before you shop so you're not buying something you already own. Plus then you can think about what do I need to acquire that goes with something I already own.

02 Make a strategic shopping list

Just like you wouldn't go to the grocery store while hungry and without a plan, neither should you go clothes shopping. Your shopping needs to be intentional and not mindless. Buy things that you need vs things that are pretty to look at.

03 Unsubscribe from retailer emails

Email marketing from stores are created with the sole purpose to get you buy. If an email is constantly popping into your inbox, you're tempted to buy something because it's easy and they are telling you what to buy. In fact, they are promoting the styles they want you to buy vs an item that looks good on you.

04 Start with a foundational wardrobe of basics

Yes, the fun stuff is fun to shop for, but when you don't own the pieces that are the basics of your wardrobe, how are you ever going to put it together? This includes items like: t-shirts, medium wash jeans, plain tops in solid colors for work, dress pants etc.

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05 Make sure each item you buy leads to

at least 3 outfits

Stop shopping for items that require you to buy more pieces just to make an outfit. Instead, think about how this new piece will work back to your existing wardrobe. Not sure if it does? Take it home and make 3 outfits with it. If you can't then it's time to return.

06 Stop buying items just because they are on sale

The sales mentality is why you have clothes you've never worn sitting in your closet. Just because an item is on sale, it doesn't mean it's meant for you. Ask yourself “would I buy this if it was full price?”.

You're worthy of a wardrobe that makes you feel good so stop discounting yourself.

07 Stop buying from Instagram only brands

Social media has made shopping super easy as bloggers or ads are seamlessly integrated into your feed and with a few clicks you can add to cart. But did you know the return policy for most of these brands that seem to only exist via instagram have terrible return policies. Often, the product is terrible quality. If you discover a brand through social media go google them. Find out what they are about before you buy.

08 Know your size

Take your measurements and have them handy when you're shopping online. Measure your chest, shoulders, hips, and waist, then look at retailers size charts. Most retailers also use TRUE FIT technology so you can add your current sizes from other brands and they will let you know what size you are in their brand.

Was this helpful? Leave a comment below and lmk what your favorite tip was.

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