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3 Ways to Instantly Look Slimmer

My Body is Perfect ... said no woman ever

Because most women are trying to look slimmer.

These are two questions on my style questionnaire I send out to every new client:

  1. What do you love about your body?
  2. What do you not love about your body?

Most women leave the first question blank, but everyone seems to have multiple answers about the second. This literally brings tears to my eyes thinking about why they leave the first question empty.

There has to be something they love about their body?

I’m the first to admit that when I get undressed and look in the mirror, my eyes immediately go to the stretch marks on my belly. They make me so uncomfortable, I’m always trying to hide them even from my husband. I suck it in and turn to the side hoping to avoid looking pregnant.

That is the part of my body I do not love. It’s the part that gets covered in shapewear, that gets sucked in for every photo, and where my stress likes to hangout.

No matter how many planks I do, it doesn’t seem to look prettier.

Being a stylist I know how to hide my midsection and what tricks to use. Yet the moment I get undressed, there are the marks in their harsh reality.

One day I realized that I needed to appreciate my body in this moment because if I kept fixating on my pre - children body, I would be stuck not LIVING in the present enjoying every moment of my crazy life.

Here’s a truth. These stretch marks remind me that I gave birth to two beautiful girls who fill up my heart everyday.

Your body has gone through a lot to make you the woman you are today.

You may wish it looked different, abused it or even surgically altered it but it has never stopped supporting you.

Never let your size dictate what you do or accomplish or the adventures you go on.

Your body has accepted you for who you are. Isn’t it time to share some love back?

Here are three ways to instantly look slimmer:

NJ personal stylist Neepa Sikdar 3 Ways to Instantly Look Slimmer

P.S. Three of my clients recently told me they lost weight AFTER working with me. Why? Because they started to pay attention to their bodies instead of ignoring them. Paying attention to how clothes fit and focusing on your style can get you excited to lose weight.

Ready to love your style? Let’s set up a personal style strategy call to learn more.

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