Because Personal Style is not One Size Fits ALL

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Because Personal Style is not One Size Fits ALL

"We are not just one thing, we are a composition of the many hats we wear. Our personal style should reflect that."
Woman in blue and white pin stripe suit jacket with white v-neck blouse in blue jeans holding purple designer purse standing on vintage train station platform

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Reach out to me at Accessible Style...

If you're tired of wearing the same thing over and over again and you often walk out of your closet frustrated.

If you're overwhelmed by all the brands out there and no clue where to shop anymore.

If you're not sure how to put outfits together and wonder does this outfit work?

If you'd love to finally be the woman with effortless style who waltzes in the room feeling completely confident in your outfit.

Then let's get to work!

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Hello Gorgeous

I'm Neepa and I'm thrilled that you're here.

Developing your personal style should be a fun exploration of who you are. But to many, the fashion world seems like an intimidating, exclusive party and their invitation got lost in the mail. That's why I'm here to create a memorable, stress-free, VIP experience for you.

Whether you need help looking red-carpet ready, a complete wardrobe overhaul, or a clear style direction for your branding photoshoot, the goal is to make you feel beautiful inside and out. I'll curate a wardrobe that fits and flatters your shape, helps you accomplish your goals, and works with the unique aspects of your lifestyle.

My clients hire me because I'm down-to-earth, make them laugh, and help them identify a signature style that captures every facet of their lives including work, weekends, travel, and special events.

Style is not a luxury only indulged by the rich, the famous or those with the seemingly perfect body. Rather, style should be - and can be - accessible.

Woman in blue and white pin stripe suit jacket with white v-neck blouse in blue jeans sitting on brown bench with black wrought iron frame at beautiful vintage train station platform

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Thanks Atlanta for a great time! I got my advanced level image certification ya’ll! #neepyear
Living to be 102.5 and becoming a fashion legend after 80, thank you Iris Apfel for showing us to truly dress for ourselves.  We’ll continue to share your story with our clients and community. Rest in power 🦋

📸 @iris.apfel
2024 is a leap year which means I get to have a birthday this month! 

Every 4 years when I get a REAL birthday I take big leaps in my life and this year Im stepping fully into the real me/ Pisces, Leo, Woo phenomenal woman who is taking my message past zoom rooms… 

And I’m dipping my toe back into social media at times where I FEEL good doing it.

Can’t wait to share the incredible trip I had in San Juan last month, but 1st let’s welcome February ❤️

Come say hi and share a big LEAP, you would like to take this year !

#bigleap #stylevibes #february
Last week I went to the US open for the 1st time 😆 🙌🏾

It felt like being at Disneyland For ADULTS ✨

The food, fashion, pop-op shops and the tennis 🎾 was so much to experience a sport we love LIVE.

My inner preppy style that I hadn’t indulged in for years came out. 

From my varsity style sweat resistant top to my classic school girl pleated skirt coupled with all white Vejas and my super useful belt bag and my crimson baseball hat and shades. 

I was feeling comfortable and not sticky. 
Ok the weather helped with that last part 😂

Being practical with pieces that alone might have felt BORING, but when put together created a look that didn’t feel like I was trying too hard 

BTW Who are you rooting for in the finals? 👀

#usopen #tenniscourt #tennisplayer #tennislife #newyorklife #nycpersonalshopper #disneyland #disneyworld #olympics #fashionweek #fashionlover #datenight #baecationgoals #baecation
The sales price is actually the price they wanted you to buy it at. 💡
Why do things go on sale?
- To clear inventory so new items can come in
- To boost sales on items not performing
- To Get You to BUY MORE
- To repeat a sales event (i.e. Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, Back to School, Amazon Prime Day)
❗️Don’t get sucked into the thrill of buying something you don’t need just because it’s on sale.
How? Ask yourself these questions:
1. Do I really need this?
2. Is this item actually on my shopping list?
3. Am I just buying this because it’s on sale?
4. Would I still buy this at full price?
There’s nothing wrong with shopping a sale, just don’t be IMPULSIVE about it. There’s a difference between being a sales shopper and a savyy shopper. 🛍️

We go into more detail in our Rise + Style membership group, because we want you to spend your money wisely and with the rising cost of everything, every bit helps right 👍🏾

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