New Jersey Stylist |


“What you wear really impacts your life.”

Krupa, Sr. Human Resource Business Partner & Mom

“I couldn’t figure out what was holding me back. ”

Sarah, Entrepreneur & Mom

“I never thought I’d hire a personal stylist”

Julie, Chief Operating Officer + Mom

“I like nice clothes but hated shopping.”

Rebecca, Writer & Mom

“I no longer stand and stare sadly at my closet. ”

Shweta, Entrepreneur & Mom

“Hiring Neepa is a smart investment and my go to stylist.”

Kerri, Managing Partner, Apogee Wealth Advisors

“I didn't realize how much my clothes affected how I feel about myself.”

Sanchita, Quality Assurance Mgr & Mom

“I was so happy to learn that I could shop outside of the petites section. ”

Mariel, Entrepreneur & Mom

“I tend to buy the same things over and over. ”

Kristen, TV producer & Mom

“I wasn’t sure if great style still existed in my closet.”

Brandyn, Entrepreneur & mom

“I was having trouble letting go of my old clothes. ”

Lana, Teacher & Mom

“I wanted to take my style up a notch. ”

Sangeetha, Human Resources Associate

“I thought certain looks were unattainable for me”

Devalina, Teacher

“I wanted to be taken more seriously at work.”