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I’m one of those people who have trouble relaxing. Maybe, it’s a mom thing, there’s always a constant to do list in my head and I have 4 kids: 2 actual children, 1 husband, and 1 personal styling business. I’m always wishing I could clone myself so I can get it all done.

Their schedules, needs, stuff always seems to take priority over my own.

Our recent family vacation to Mexico was more than a much – needed vacation, we hadn’t had one in a few years. It was also a response to health issues I’d been facing.

Last December I found out I have osteoarthritis in my knees, a condition affecting 27 million Americans.  It occurs when the cartilage that cushions your joints wears away. I only discovered the condition after I was injured while working out.

Typically a condition that affects women age 50 plus; it occurs in younger people due to genetics, an injury, or being inactive. I fell into the genetics and injury category.

I couldn’t walk longer than 15 minutes, pick up my 3 year old or stay seated more than 15 minutes without being in pain.

Drastic lifestyle changes had to be made including altering what shoes I wore and how I did my job. Personal Stylists do a lot of steps, it’s a physically demanding job and I was frustrated I could no longer bring my famous clothing rack to client appointments or race through stores.  But I did make adjustments; my clients didn’t mind.

Months of physical therapy and doctor visits later, I’m doing much better. I can’t go back to tennis or Muay Thai two of my favorite ways to work out. I can’t even run, but I can walk over an hour and wear heels a few times a week.

This is HUGE progress in a short time.

This journey led me to discussions with my orthopedist, physical therapists, and other women who have knee issues.

Many of my clients have trouble shopping for shoes. Due to the natural arch of their feet, they can either only wear heels or flats. And those that have knee injury are often left wearing shoes that are not cute or comfortable.

I own a pretty fabulous collection of heels I’ve gathered over the years, and not being able to wear them for my birthday, business meetings, photo-shoots or everyday life really complicated my daily outfit.

I became frustrated when getting dressed everyday.

This may sound superficial, but a pair of heels gives us confidence. It allows us to stand up straighter, elongate our legs and forces us to strut. Strutting is an absolute necessity in my opinion.

I’ve recently discovered some amazing comfort shoes that’ll have you feeling fab and strutting without sacrificing comfort, functionality or style. I’ve added some of them to my own shoe closet.

The shoes I recommend are called COMFORT shoes, it’s a whole line of footwear that has grown in market share in recent years.  They are designed with advanced technology, ergonomic design, and material that used to only exist in athletic shoes.

If you’re having trouble finding chic and comfortable shoes, contact me so we can say goodbye to old lady shoes and hello to fabulous. Contact me here.