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Do you enter your closet and think, “Can I just throw out all my clothes and start again”? This wardrobe renewal is perfect for someone who’s tired of feeling “stuck” and ready to hit the reset button from the base layer up.


We begin with a consultation where I learn more about you, your daily routine and lifestyle. We clarify your style goals, expectations and schedule our meeting dates.

Day 1 (2.5 hours)

Your closet and I go on a date to determine what’s working and what isn’t.

      • We’ll determine what to keep, donate, alter or consign
      • Honest feedback about what flatters you so you’re clear on how to dress for your body
      • I’ll create a prioritized shopping list for your SHOP sessions

Day 2 (1.5 hours)

We begin with the base layer up by shopping for bras, underwear, shapewear.  Includes an expert bra fitting.

Day 3 (2 hours)

I pre – shop and you try on. All you have to do is whisk yourself into a dressing room filled with terrific finds chosen by an expert specifically for you.

Day 4 (1.5 hours)

We focus on the fun details: shoes, jewelry and handbags that will elevate your outfit from “fine” to fab.  As a former accessories buyer, this is my favorite shopping trip.  

Day 5 (2.5 hours)

I make outfits, you show them off and receive tons of compliments. 

      • I come to your home to blend your new pieces with your old favorites.
      • 20-30 head to toe looks complete with shoes and accessories.
      • A mini photo session where you model your new outfits.


Your style is personal. I’ll create a private board for us to share inspiration and style advice.  


You’re now a VIP Member of Accessible Style through my private online customer portal. This gives you exclusive access to me and EVERYTHING in your closet with a profile you can access 24/7.

      • Your styled outfits are edited and uploaded for easy reference to your CLOSET
      • Discover new ways to put together outfits through your LOOKBOOK.
      • Need something new for an upcoming event or conference? I’ll add suggestions to your FINDS along with comments about why I chose those pieces for you.


Wondering if an outfit you created on your own works? Questions you forgot to ask me? Think of me as your fashion “help desk”. Text or email me with unlimited questions for 1 month following your STYLE session.


Anything we didn’t find on our shopping trips will be added online to your private customer portal. You’ll be able to shop directly from your account.


Your clothes need room to breathe. I’ll provide you with supplies to get your closet organized and a wardrobe tool kit that’ll keep your clothes looking new.


$50 gift certificate towards hair or makeup services from one of my trusted local business partners.

“Before working with Neepa I liked nice clothes but I hated shopping.
I wanted more luxurious brands but didn’t have any idea where to start looking or how to determine what was worth the higher price tag and what was not. Neepa helped me discover new brands that I love that are work and age appropriate and to identify pieces that are worth splurging on. I was so grateful to come home with a closet full of new clothes and accessories that make me feel great when I wear them. The best part are the rave reviews and compliments I’m getting all the time. I would definitely recommend Neepa for anyone looking to up their fashion IQ and update their look.”

Julie, Chief Operating Officer + Mom

This service is a complete and thorough transformation. I’ll be there with you every step of the way. We’ll define a personal style that blends the person you were with the one you are now.

This VIP service are for those who are 100% committed to upgrading their wardrobe. Since this is a serious time + money commitment, schedule a consultation with Neepa to see if you meet the requirements for this service.