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This is the ultimate wardrobe transformation. A goal-oriented, strategic service, based on an in-depth analysis of your current lifestyle. We’ll begin by building a foundation of basics, then we’ll add chic pieces to elevate your look. By building your wardrobe step by step, we’ll create stunning results. This is my most popular service!


We begin with a consultation where I learn more about you, your daily routine and lifestyle. We clarify your style goals, expectations and schedule our meeting dates.

Day 1 (2.5 hours)

  • Your closet and I go on a date: We’ll determine what to keep, donate, alter or consign
  • Clothing analysis of what’s not working in your closet
  • Honest feedback about what flatters you so you’re clear on how to dress for your body

I’ll create a prioritized shopping list for your SHOP

Day 2 (2.5 hours)

My fashion industry experience and connections with store associates will help us find the highest quality pieces for your budget.

  • I head to stores before you arrive and fill your dressing room with great finds
  • Feel like a celebrity as you try on pieces found just for you, by an expert with over 10 years in the fashion industry
  • I’ll provide snacks and water to help us power through and stay focused
  • This will be the best shopping experience you’ve ever had.

Day 3 (2 hours)

I make outfits, you show them off and receive a ton of compliments.

  • I come to your home to blend your new pieces with your old favorites.
  • 10-15  head to toe looks complete with shoes and accessories
  • A mini photo session where you model your new outfits


Your style is personal which requires a deep dive into what makes you smile. I’ll create a private board for us to share inspiration and style advice.


You’ve become an official member of Accessible Style’s V.I.P list through my private online customer portal. This gives you exclusive access to me and EVERYTHING in your closet with a profile you can access 24/7.

      • Your styled outfits are edited and uploaded for easy reference to your CLOSET
      • Need something new for an upcoming event or conference? I’ll add suggestions to your FINDS along with comments about why I chose those pieces for you.
      • Discover new ways to put together outfits through your LOOKBOOK.


Wondering if the outfit you created on your own works? Questions you forgot to ask me? Think of me as your fashion “help desk”. Text or email me with unlimited questions for 3 weeks following your style session.

“The Sort, Shop, and Style was incredible, I walked into a dressing room ready with a great selection of shoes and clothes to try on immediately. Neepa’s professionalism led to a seamless shopping experience. I was able to jumpstart my wardrobe with key pieces that’ll never go out of style. I feel more confident and learned about new brands and stores that I continue to shop today. What you wear really impacts your life–personally and professionally. It’s an important aspect of what defines us, what keeps us motivated and feeling good about how we’re perceived. And it’s OK to spend a little time and money to invest in yourself–the rewards gained from hiring Neepa are worth it.”


This service is a complete and thorough transformation. I’ll be there with you every step of the way. We’ll define a personal style that blends the person you were with the one you are now.