New Jersey Stylist |

Accessible Style is the perfect name for Neepa’s business. I never thought I’d have a “personal stylist”. I mean, who can afford that? And I’ve always been intimidated by people who get “fashion”. Neepa is very approachable and never acted like a fashion queen and the rest of the us are just poor sad-sacks. She’s kind, funny and a joy to be around. She’s probably the only person that I’d let into my closet. I’ve always known what I like, but I haven’t always known why or how to put my favorite clothes together to create looks that make me happy. Neepa made everything so accessible to me as she helped me understand what to where when, with what, and why. And our shopping day was incredible! I showed up and she had everything all set for me to go! It was incredibly successful, easy and an incredibly efficient way to get my wardrobe into shape. Neepa knows what she’s doing and knowing that she’s on my side to help me look my best is so reassuring. I never knew what I wore before hiring Neepa.


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