New Jersey Stylist |

Working with Accessible Style, was one of the most “intimate” experiences I’ve had with my closet and my clothes! By going through my entire wardrobe, I learned how to determine the perfect fit, how to wear certain dresses & blouses with accessories and take the outfit from work to evening out with friends. Neepa helped me let go of pieces that were not flattering on my body and did not compliment my skin tone. The outfits Neepa put together for me, with my existing clothes, were ones I’d never would have thought of on my own.  Our SHOP experience was a little intimidating at first because I was nervous about trying on clothes in front of someone.  Neepa put me at ease and having her in the fitting room was invaluable.  She explained why certain pieces were not flattering and how clothes should fit on my body. I was so happy to learn that I could shop outside of the petites section. We purchased pieces I absolutely love and they make me look and feel amazing. The best part was the compliments I received from my colleagues!

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