New Jersey Stylist |

Style is something I have always felt I had (not high-fashion style, but confidence that I look good in what I’m wearing) but I wasn’t sure it still existed in my closet. Neepa came over to “shop my closet” and to my surprise she was able to put together 15 great outfits from clothes I already own! Multiple ways to pair different items I had been wearing for a few years, making them, and me, look better – who doesn’t love that! She helped me rid my closet of a few unnecessary pieces – honesty delivered with a smile and we all need it sometimes – to make room for some new essentials. I am excited to go shopping and pick up some new looks that I know will work. She put together a list of brands and styles to shop for on my own to build up my collection. What a huge help – especially if you are like me and randomly browse depending on limited time and current location it could be the mall or mid-town.  Neepa is understanding, knowledgeable about body type and styles to suit, as well as warm and engaging.  It was a joy to spend a few hours of my day with her and totally worth the effort of cleaning up my closet!  Neepa is exactly what she advertises – accessible style for all.

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