New Jersey Stylist |

Shopping used to be one of my favorite creative pastimes. Then suddenly I went from single girl in the city to mom of two in the suburbs with zero spare time. None of my clothes fit my new body and new lifestyle. I didn’t even know which stores to shop in anymore. When I had big meetings coming up I’d get desperate and rush to the nearest department store and waste money buying items that didn’t really suit me. Then I hired Neepa. We went through a Spring Sort, Shop, Style and a Fall Sort, Shop Style. She helped me rediscover my personal style and reminded me that the old Kerri who loved unique pieces was still in there. Thankfully she was completely non-judgemental about what was in my closet. She made a (long) list of the items I needed to update and fill in my wardrobe which gave me the freedom to get rid of clothes and shoes I’d been hanging onto for far too long (goodbye size 4 mini skirt!). We even weeded out the last of the maternity clothes. When a Chanel executive complimented my look, I knew I made the right decision in hiring her. But what I appreciate the most about the amazing work Neepa does is that it’s personal. She asked questions until she understood my unique style – it’s never cookie-cutter or biased toward a particular brand.


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