New Jersey Stylist |

Before working with Neepa I liked nice clothes but I hated shopping. Therefore, I had a pretty limited wardrobe. I was recently promoted to a very senior position at my company, which is in the luxury sector, and I realized I needed to take my work look up a notch. I wanted more luxurious brands but didn’t have any idea where to start looking or how to determine what was worth the higher price tag and what was not. Neepa helped me find new brands that I love that are work and age appropriate and to identify pieces that are worth splurging on. I was so grateful to be able to shop (with Neepa’s guidance and assistance) and come home with a closet full of new clothes and accessories that make me feel great when I wear them. I wore some of my pieces recently at a party at Art Southampton and got rave reviews. I would definitely recommend Neepa for anyone looking to up their fashion IQ and update their look.

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