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Meet Sarah,

A speaker, entrepreneur, and mom.  Sarah owns Love By Sarah Walton, an organic, gluten free skincare line.  I’ve always admired Sarah’s business savvy, intelligence, and positive energy.  When you hear her speak, you’re immediately connected to her.  Sarah’s on a mission to help women redefine what it means to be successful.  I wanted her clothes to match her beautiful spirit and a Sort, Shop, and Style was just what she needed to shine.

Below is Sarah’s style story in her words…..


What led you to hire a personal stylist?  Why Neepa? 

I’ve always had a very minimalistic style, and because of that, my closet was full of black tops, jeans, black pants and maybe one bright top. I’ve always been called “classic” and when I speak, I’ve always looked “nice.” But I’ve always admired other people who know which accessories to use and when (and why!). I felt like it was time for me to learn more and start owning my closet.

I chose Neepa because I’ve watched her for years as she’s grown her business, always looked fabulous herself, and because she was so approachable. She’s never been snobbish, or acted like a fashion queen and the rest of the us are just poor sad-sacks. She’s always been so kind, funny and a joy to be around. She’s probably the only person that I would let into my closet.

How did you feel about your closet & clothes before hiring Neepa?

It was bare and plain. It was “fine” but heaven forbid I need a new dress for a speaking gig. I would know what I liked, and probably buy it and look “fine”. But Neepa helped me bump that “fine” up to amazing.

Sarah blogpost

What was your favorite part of the process?

The shopping! Oh my. Walking into the store and knowing that Neepa was there to take care of me, that she wasn’t a pushy sales women working off of commission, but someone that was there for me. She listened when I didn’t feel comfortable in something, gently explained why something I wouldn’t have immediately chosen worked so well. I’ve never been a “trendy” person, so I loved that Neepa got that about me, and didn’t push certain styles or “must-have-trends” on me.

I knew what I had purchased; I didn’t get anything frivolous, yet every article of clothing we purchased made me happy. There was even a point where Neepa literally jumped up and down when she saw me in one of the dresses I ended up getting. It was a really fun and informative day, and I left the stores feeling very confident and happy.

Sarah blogpost-2

How do you feel about your clothes & closet now? 

Much more at peace. I know that I can walk into my closest at any time and pull out something that will make me look and feel great. And I love my online closet! At any time, if I can’t remember what Neepa put together for me, the look, including all of the accessories, is right there in my phone. My online closet is perfect.

Hire her right now, you won’t be sorry.


My Final Thoughts

During Sarah’s Sort, Shop, and Style I discovered that she preferred solid colors, delicate jewelry and a tailored look.  The striped shirt you see above, was out of her comfort zone, but I encouraged her to buy it and now it’s one of her favorites.  Sarah’s stye is classic, but she occasionally desires a minimalist look.  As a classic, she prefers natural fabrics, simple cuts and timeless pieces.  I created outfits that reflect her style personality which were photographed and uploaded to her ONLINE CLOSET. 


Wanna bump up your wardrobe from “fine” to AMAZING?