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What is a personal stylist?

A personal stylist independently helps an individual shop, edit their closet, prepare for a special event, and define/refine the client’s image and style. A personal stylist picks the best fits, colors and styles for your shopping needs. Think of a personal stylist as an advisor, confidante, and clothing expert.

What if we don’t have the same style?

Why be boring by imitating someone else, you are an ORIGINAL. Everyone has his or her own “unique” personal style and together we will discover yours

What if I’m embarrassed about my closet?

Please don’t be embarrassed. We all have things in our closet that we wouldn’t want to see the light of day. Trust me, I’ve been there. I want this to be an uplifting and encouraging experience. I promise a no judgment zone.

I’m not sure what size I am?

Before we meet I will send you my client bio where I will ask you for sizes. Select items in your closet that you are currently wearing and include those numbers. When we do our SORT, I will have you try items and take measurements so we can identify your size(s) before our SHOP.   Fits and sizes vary by brand, so typically I have you try 2 sizes in an item so you can get the best fit.

What if I can’t afford to shop at expensive stores and boutiques?

This experience is meant to support your current lifestyle and budget. Once we determine what that is, I promise to only take you to stores that work within your budget.

I work all the time, and I don’t know how we will find the time to schedule my Sort, Shop and Style.

I completely understand that you are crazy busy. For this reason, I offer morning, evening, and weekend hours. I recommend that the SHOP be done on a weekday in order to avoid crowds and ensure the best clothing selection.

I’m just not sure if hiring a personal stylist is right for me?

To help make your decision, I offer a complimentary 20-minute phone conversation where we discuss your style goals and identify which service is right for you. It’s a great opportunity for me to address your questions and concerns. This is our time to get to know one another so you feel comfortable about working with me.

There are so many websites that offer personal stylists at a fraction of the cost, why should I hire you?

Using these websites lack a “personal” experience.  Everything is done online, via email, and the clothes are delivered to your door. They don’t get to know the real YOU: the dress you wore when you met your husband, your skinny ankles that make it tough to buy shoes, your celebrity style crush. There is no style confidante standing next to you: teaching, guiding, sharing, and mentoring you towards the style and wardrobe you were meant to have.

How can hiring a stylist save me time and money?

You will avoid wasting time driving all over town. Instead we will be super focused with our shopping list so you are spending money on things you need. I want you to start dressing strategically so you are not wasting money on impulse items.  I will share my secrets for saving money and my insider tips for scoring deals.

What if I don’t have enough in my closet for the SHOP YOUR CLOSET service?

If your closet is not filled with things you love, you may need to upgrade to the SORT, SHOP, and STYLE service. We can make that decision during your appointment.

How far apart are the appointments?

I typically recommend the SORT, SHOP, and STYLE appointments are completed within 4 weeks.

Do you charge for travel?

If you live further than 30 miles from me, there will be a travel fee.

Will you get rid of all my clothes and make me start over?

No, this is not a TV show; it’s your life and your closet. Redefining your personal style is a soul-searching internal process. I want you to gain confidence and feel comfortable in what you wear. Know that you are in loving hands and while I may encourage you to step out of your comfort zone, I will not force you to become someone else.