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Your closet is an intimate space and each piece of your wardrobe holds a memory of when you acquired it. For most of my clients that means letting go of clothes from the past that no longer serve their current body, lifestyle and needs. Taking inventory of your clothes twice a year is a strategic way to maximize what you already own. It helps you focus on your wardrobe staples, simplifies the morning routine, and allows you to shop for what you truly need.

January is the ultimate reset button and a perfect time of year to edit your closet. However it can be easy to ignore this daunting task due to overwhelm. Rest assured here are a few suggestions to help you edit your closet like a Pro.

Separate your clothes by season. An overfilled closet makes it difficult to see what’s actually in there. Keep them out of sight by moving out of season items into storage bins or relocate to another area. This helps you get dressed quickly each morning because you only see what clothes make sense for the current season.

Keep the clothes that work for NOW, not 10 years ago. Many of us hold onto things due to an emotion or the thought of one day fitting into them. Unless the item in question is one size away from your current size, let it go. Trust me when you get to your goal weight, you’ll want new clothes.

If there’s something you haven’t worn in a while and not sure if you should keep it. Try it on and walk around the house. Make sure it makes you happy when you wear it.

Have all your hangers face the same direction. After you’ve worn something turn the hanger in the other direction. Do this for 2 weeks and you’ll quickly identify what items you actually wear.

Don’t assume you will be able to edit your closet in one afternoon. Breaking up the edit over multiple days may seem time consuming, but it will keep you focused and help you be objective when deciding what to keep.

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