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5 Important Questions Women Should Ask About Bras (And Answers)

5 Important Questions Women Should Ask About Bras (And Answers)

As a former Victoria Secret shopper, I was having a tough time fitting into their bras and underwear after becoming a mom. I felt like the company was targeting women that were younger than me and only focusing on sexy lingerie. I didn’t have proper coverage of my curves and the straps hurt my shoulders. I searched for bras and underwear that made me feel comfortable and beautiful. But why did they need to be mutually exclusive?

Enter SOMA.

I was first introduced to SOMA intimates when I interviewed at Chico’s in 2012. The company flew me down to their headquarters and gave me a private tour of their brands. I fell in love with SOMA almost immediately after learning how much time and attention is spent in the design + development of their products.

Soma’s PROMISE is “To always be So Much More Than Sexy”.

They think bras should be comfortable and beautiful. Panties should stay put and pajamas should be soft.

I recently had an expert bra fitting at their boutique and asked Heather, the store manager, some questions.

Here are the 5 important bra questions answered by a bra expert:

Question 1: How often should women get a bra fitting?
Every 6 months because weight does fluctuate during the year. If that isn’t possible, then definitely once a year. We offer complimentary bra fittings in store with or without an appointment.

Question 2: How often should women replace their bras?
Once a year. Just like women have a collection of shoes, they should have a collection of bras. You should have 4-6 bras that you rotate daily in your wardrobe.

Question 3: How can you tell if the bra needs to be replaced?
If you’re breasts are falling out under the wire. Or if the back of the bra starts rising in the back, that means the front is losing support.

Question 4: What bra sizes do you carry?
We carry 32 A – 44G. Many women who find it difficult to find their size come to us.

Question 5: What are your most popular bra styles?
Vanishing Back Collection

It eliminates back fat because it has back and side smoothing technology that creates a smooth silhouette. The band retains its shape and the straps do not slide off. The result is a very comfortable bra that can handle long days.

Stunning Support Collection

It’s the bra you wear for a special occasion or when you want a firm hold. It lifts, smoothes and shapes your breasts resulting in maximum support. This style is perfect for larger cup sizes.

Did you know that bras are the most needed yet least donated items for women? Support SOMA’s Bra Donation drive by donating your new or gently worn bras at any Soma boutique. Your donations are sent to local shelters in our area who help women impacted by domestic violence.

Not sure where to start when it comes to undergarments, ask me about a FOUNDATION shop session designed to create a complete intimates wardrobe including shapewear.

3 Fall 2017 Trends to Try

3 Fall 2017 Trends to Try

In a world full of trends I want to remain a classic

This quote from supermodel Iman is one of my favorites. Trends are generally recycled and often times if your closet is full of them, you are are left with big holes. What’s missing are the wardrobe staples that will last you for years.

With the fall season in full swing, it’s the time of year when trends are bombarding our tv screens, social media feed and inboxes. However, I’ve discovered that my clients don’t really care about following every trend especially because they are smart enough to know that every trend is not for them. Instead they’d rather feel relevant without reinventing the wheel.

Here are 3 of my favorite 2017 fall trends that are accessible for everyone:

SHOP these fall trends and a few staples in my Fall Style Guide, CLICK HERE

Wondering what must have pieces you need in your fall wardrobe, schedule a complimentary consultation.

5 Must Know Style Tips for the Mother of the Bride

As the big day approaches, and you get busy with the planning and hosting, don’t forget to spend some time looking for the right mother of the bride outfit. Although, the wedding day is mainly about the happy couple, your child wouldn’t have found a wonderful person to share their life with, without your love and support.

Take a cue from South Asian weddings; those moms are not shy about dressing up. This doesn’t mean you become momzilla or take away attention from the bride, but give yourself permission to look and feel your best because those photos will last a lifetime. You do not want to look back and think, “I hated my outfit”.

Before you begin have a conversation with the bride and make sure you are communicating throughout the process. Let her know you want to be included in the dress selection and be prepared by following these 5 must know style tips.

Make sure you are communicating throughout the process

1. Seek Inspiration.

The first trick to any special occasion shopping is to identify what you like so you don’t end up feeling uncomfortable. Go through bridal magazines, fashion magazines, Pinterest, or even stalk Facebook accounts for wedding photos. Create a physical or virtual board and share it with the bride. Talk it over with her and make sure your dress aligns with the overall theme of the wedding.

2. Avoid the matronly look.

Traditional mother of the bride dresses look and feel heavy. Remember you are going to wearing this dress for at least 12 hours. Shop both traditional bridal labels (Amsale, Mon Cheri) as well as eveningwear designers (Adriana Pappell, Tadashi Shoji). You do not have to wear taffeta or jacquard fabrics or a dress covered in sequins or beading.

3. Seek a color that is complimentary and not matchy matchy to the bridal party.

Do not wear the same color as the bridal party. This is the most important tip to follow. It’s ok to be in the same color family as the bridesmaids i.e. they are wearing pale pink and you wear dusty rose. Many modern brides will select 2-3 colors to choose from.

4. Pick a silhouette that suits your body type.

Ask the store associates or a personal stylist to help you identify your shape. They should be selecting dresses that highlight your best assets. Its ok to show off those toned arms or small waist. If you hate your arms, don’t cover them up with a bolero jacket, opt for a wrap instead or add sleeves to the dress.

5. Shape wear is your friend.

The days of wearing a girdle or corset are long over. Modern shape wear is lightweight and come in shades that easily camouflaged under the dress. The options range from bras, tanks, bodysuits, and shorts.

My event styling service is perfect for your special occasion.  Let’s connect so we can make your outfit one less thing on your to-do list.

I styled the mother of the bride in a one shoulder silk chiffon dress that showed off her toned arms and drew the attention up towards her gorgeous eyes.

All photographs taken by Peter Sharp of Sharp Images.


Stylish and Comfortable Shoes Options

I’m one of those people who have trouble relaxing. Maybe, it’s a mom thing, there’s always a constant to do list in my head and I have 4 kids: 2 actual children, 1 husband, and 1 personal styling business. I’m always wishing I could clone myself so I can get it all done.

Their schedules, needs, stuff always seems to take priority over my own.

Our recent family vacation to Mexico was more than a much – needed vacation, we hadn’t had one in a few years. It was also a response to health issues I’d been facing.

Last December I found out I have osteoarthritis in my knees, a condition affecting 27 million Americans.  It occurs when the cartilage that cushions your joints wears away. I only discovered the condition after I was injured while working out.

Typically a condition that affects women age 50 plus; it occurs in younger people due to genetics, an injury, or being inactive. I fell into the genetics and injury category.

I couldn’t walk longer than 15 minutes, pick up my 3 year old or stay seated more than 15 minutes without being in pain.

Drastic lifestyle changes had to be made including altering what shoes I wore and how I did my job. Personal Stylists do a lot of steps, it’s a physically demanding job and I was frustrated I could no longer bring my famous clothing rack to client appointments or race through stores.  But I did make adjustments; my clients didn’t mind.

Months of physical therapy and doctor visits later, I’m doing much better. I can’t go back to tennis or Muay Thai two of my favorite ways to work out. I can’t even run, but I can walk over an hour and wear heels a few times a week.

This is HUGE progress in a short time.

This journey led me to discussions with my orthopedist, physical therapists, and other women who have knee issues.

Many of my clients have trouble shopping for shoes. Due to the natural arch of their feet, they can either only wear heels or flats. And those that have knee injury are often left wearing shoes that are not cute or comfortable.

I own a pretty fabulous collection of heels I’ve gathered over the years, and not being able to wear them for my birthday, business meetings, photo-shoots or everyday life really complicated my daily outfit.

I became frustrated when getting dressed everyday.

This may sound superficial, but a pair of heels gives us confidence. It allows us to stand up straighter, elongate our legs and forces us to strut. Strutting is an absolute necessity in my opinion.

I’ve recently discovered some amazing comfort shoes that’ll have you feeling fab and strutting without sacrificing comfort, functionality or style. I’ve added some of them to my own shoe closet.

The shoes I recommend are called COMFORT shoes, it’s a whole line of footwear that has grown in market share in recent years.  They are designed with advanced technology, ergonomic design, and material that used to only exist in athletic shoes.

If you’re having trouble finding chic and comfortable shoes, contact me so we can say goodbye to old lady shoes and hello to fabulous. Contact me here.

How to Dress Like a Boss – power dressing part two

It’s rare these days that I have clients that only wear suits for work. The world of business casual means unlimited possibilities but it can be confusing when you want to appear powerful.

Enter the Blazer, a year-round staple.

  • It adds a layer of authority for Spring’s short sleeves.
  • Go beyond basic black by investing in pattern, color, or details such as exposed zippers.
  • An ill fitted or poor quality blazer is hard to disguise so avoid fast fashion here.

Need to rationalize the investment?

Use my Cost Per Wear rule. Think about all the different items you can wear with it that already exist in your wardrobe. Have 5 items in mind, take the price and divide by 5. Viola, smart shopping strategy.

I’ve styled some spring outfit options that will have you looking like a boss, a stylish one.

  1. Elevate a basic black sheath dress with a black + white print for serious work environments. Add a pop of color with your jewelry.
  2. Set a more polished tone to printed pants allowing you to feel confident in a presentation. Pair with closed toe shoes + a great cuff.
  3. My fave combo is pairing a short jacket with a printed dress that takes you from desk to client dinners. Or let’s you play with your kids when you get home. The focus is the dress so keep accessories to a minimum.

Need help finding your power outfits? Contact me so we channel your inner girl boss.

Let’s Connect.

Her Style Story: Meet Kerri

Meet Kerri, Founder & Managing Partner of Apogee Wealth Advisors and a mom of 2 adorable boys.

Kerri’s style story is that of literally most moms I meet. In her 20s Before she worked at an ad agency in New York City and wore unique edgy pieces that gave off a cool + edgy vibe. Fast forward to 2016 when her youngest was almost two and still wearing maternity pants, Kerri knew it was time for a change.

She hired me for a Fall + Spring Sort, Shop, Style because she needed clothes that:

  • Fit her new post children body
  • Looked chic in front of her Madison Avenue clients
  • Reflected a lifestyle of a hip working suburban mom

Read the rest of Kerri’s story in her own words.

Until going through my first Sort, Shop, Style with Neepa, I didn’t realize how much my clothes affected how I feel about myself. Transitioning from single girl to suburban mom was not easy and she really helped me to find my groove with grace and professionalism.

Why did you hire Neepa?
A very good friend introduced me to her stylist Neepa and I was immediately impressed with how personable she is. Her experience in the fashion industry also impressed me. And it was clear she worked with many different types of clients and provided customized service.

What was it like to work with Neepa?
Working with Neepa was a revelation. She was kind when going through my closet – no judgements – and took note of my unique style. Although we had to get rid of some old favorites that would never fit again, she had great ideas how we could replace them with updated styles.

How has working with Neepa changed how you dress for work?
When dressing for work in the morning I used to start with the pair of pants that fit, then built from there. Now that I have a variety of clothes that fit properly, I think about who I’m meeting with that day and what image I want to project. I look at my personal client page Neepa built for me and choose an outfit from there. I find the styling photos on my site really helpful to remember Neepa’s cool combinations that I’d never have thought of on my own.

What is something you learned from this experience?
I learned the importance of investing in good quality pieces. I had always thought I couldn’t afford a stylist but in the end I was wasting so much money on clothes that didn’t fit right or didn’t flatter me, I couldn’t afford NOT to have Neepa’s help.

My Final Thoughts

Kerri is my quintessential “cool girl”. In her closet I discovered a unique jewelry collection gathered over time and loved creating outfits around them.

She works in the world of finance and investments so her clients need to take her seriously because she’s managing large sums of money. She also needed to appear trustworthy and dress like the BOSS that she is. Kerri needed classic pieces for her work wardrobe like sheath dresses and well made trousers. But I didn’t want us to forget the old “Kerri” so I picked edgy open toe booties, a vest and a racer stripe Marc Jacobs bag.

Your mom style doesn’t have to be frumpy or outdated, let’s discover your unique personal style.

Kerri is one of my co-authors for Redefining Success. What I love about Kerri is that she has a big heart and a generous spirit. Kerri + her team specialize in helping women with their financial planning and investment management. She encouraged me to raise my rates and start charging what I’m worth. She wants women to take charge of their investments and feel empowered to make financial decisions on their own.

As a special bonus she’s sharing:

Is your retirement account still invested with the risk tolerance of a 22-yr-old? Assess your risk tolerance, you may be more conservative than you think. Then review your investment allocation and make sure it’s aligned with the level of risk you’re comfortable with.

If you’re concerned about climate change, should you feel forced to hold oil stocks in your portfolio? You now have a choice – the universe of impact investments has grown exponentially over the past decade. And recent studies have shown that, over the long run, impact investing delivers the same portfolio returns as a standard portfolio.

Hire a support team of professionals to help you embrace and grow your wealth. A typical team would include an accountant, a financial advisor, and an estate attorney. You may also need a financial coach or an insurance agent. Surround yourself with experts and you will be amazed with the transformation!

How to Dress like a Boss – POWER dressing part one

What is a GIRL BOSS ?

To me it’s a woman who takes charge of her life, she’s the CEO of the household, wears multiple hats (ie chauffeur, cook, secretary etc), and always on the go. She can be a heart centered entrepreneur, a career gal wanting equal pay, or a community leader making a difference. Honestly, she’s sometimes all three or somewhere in the middle. She’s getting up every morning and putting on that armor (aka cute outfit) to take on the day ahead.

Today, we’re going to focus on the girl boss I know YOU already are and how YOU can take action to dress powerfully.

Need help finding the right pantsuits? Contact me so we can say hello to a wardrobe suitable for your girl boss-ness. Let’s connect.

3 Easy Spring Trends for You

One of the most common questions I receive from clients is, “what’s on trend this season?” My answer is usually, “everything”. Why? Because we are constantly bombarded with articles, TV segments and social media posts about the latest trends from every tastemaker and influencer.

However, once you’ve reached a certain age you’re wise enough to realize that every trend is not meant for you. It’s also more important to stay on trend vs. being trendy.

Here’s how to stay relevant for spring 2017 without reinventing the wheel.

Pink, typically a color associated with spring and femininity, is having a major moment in 2017. In fact, it’s my pick for Color of the Year. Move over Greenery, the actual color of the year. Pink can be found everywhere from sweatshirts to trench coats ranging in hue from raspberry to dusty rose to muted blush.

The shade of pink you should wear has everything to do with your skin tone and natural hair color. Whenever you introduce a new color to your wardrobe, start small by picking one safe item such as a blouse. Pinks on the paler side are trending more so expect to see an abundance of this shade when you are out shopping.

THIS is the trend you’ll be seeing EVERYWHRE. Stripes and lighter shirting fabrics are typical for springtime, but this year they have been completely reinvented. Since cold shoulder, a trend from last year that’s still relevant, expect to see cold shoulder tops in shirting fabrics like cotton, linen and chambray.

A simple way to switch it up is to update your basic white shirt with one that has statement sleeves (sleeves that add some drama). Want to take it up a notch? Then select one high-end piece with ruffles or exposed buttons and wear it like art.
Pair it with your pencils skirts and pants for the office or layer over your denim for the weekend. What I truly love about this trend is that it works for both conservative and casual environments. And it’s not your mother’s white shirt from Talbots.

With the rise of Athleisure, which refers to clothing that can be worn for leisure and sport, it only makes sense that Lt. Pete Maverick and Ferris Bueller are making a fashion comeback. Athleisure is a $44 billion dollar lifestyle-clothing category that has quickly gained market share due to more casual and telecommuting work environments. If you missed it, you can jump back to my January newsletter to read about Atheleisure here. Bomber jackets have always been unisex in the history of fashion so it’s ok to venture into the Men’s department for one. Warning – your teenager will totally steal this jacket from you.

Style them as spring’s version of the leather jacket. Play it safe by sticking to neutral options in black and navy. Layer them over t-shirts or dresses. If you want to take it up a notch, invest in a beautiful bomber with embroidery and make it your main focus point.

Pin and share the 3 trends with this graphic.

Ready to discover which trends work for you, Let’s connect.

Her Style Story: Meet Krupa

Meet Krupa, a Senior HR Business Partner and a mom of two young kids. Although we lived in neighboring towns we’d never met until she went on a search for a personal stylist. Like many women who’ve had back-to-back children, it was time for Krupa to hit the reset button on her wardrobe. During our consultation we agreed that my Shop Your Closet service was exactly what she needed.

Due to her demanding lifestyle, it was important that we removed clothing that no longer served her and then got to work on the clothes that were left.

When I arrived at her home I was greeted by her beautiful smile, she has one of those grins that lights up a room. Since our session, we’ve kept in touch and I’ve been so inspired by the active role she takes in helping her community through the local moms group. That made her a great choice for Her Stories, everyday women with Accessible Style.

Read the rest of Krupa’s story in her own words. I hope it reminds you that you’re not alone in your style dilemmas and taking the first step in hiring someone to help can go a long way.

What made you want to hire a personal stylist at this point in your life? 

I am in a senior role in my firm, and after having my second baby; I wanted to take things up a notch. I thought I knew what looked good on me, but felt I could dress better. I couldn’t figure out what was holding me back.

Why did you hire Neepa?

Intuition. Neepa came recommended through a local moms group that I’m a member of, and people had nothing but good feedback. I checked out her website and bio, I really liked that she’s not trying to fit me into a pre-determined style, but worked with that I like.

What was it like to work with Neepa?

Neepa edited my closet and helped me figure out what was missing. She styled outfits with what remained and I was able to wear them immediately. She also recommended some new items that I’ve since purchased. My favorite is a pair of blue suede heels that I absolutely LOVE. I loved the experience and glad she helped me purge things that I knew subconsciously weren’t right for me. Now I have a better idea of what to look for when I shop.

What did you love about the process?

The best part was, she didn’t completely trash my wardrobe and made outfits out of things I already own. This was important, as I wasn’t ready to part with a few things.

What is something you learned from your experience?

I have a better understanding of what to look for when I shop. She explained what styles look good on me. Since I’m petite, I have found it challenging to shop for pants that look and feel good as well as tops that hit at the right length.

How do you feel about your closet & wardrobe now?

It’s still a work in progress, BUT I feel much more confident in grabbing something and knowing that it’s going to look good.

My final thoughts 

Krupa was ready to start dressing like the savvy career woman she is.  Her job in Human Resources required her to speak in front of teams often.  I wanted to make sure she had outfits that made her feel confident when giving presentations.  I discovered that she has a love for pretty shoes so she was delighted when I recommended a pair of blue suede heels a color she may have shied away in the past but absolutely LOVES now.

Are you ready to figure out what’s holding you back from dressing better? 

How to Edit Your Closet like a PRO

Your closet is an intimate space and each piece of your wardrobe holds a memory of when you acquired it. For most of my clients that means letting go of clothes from the past that no longer serve their current body, lifestyle and needs. January + September are great months to hit the reset button and edit your closet. Purging your closet of items that no longer serve you is a great way to allow positive energy flow into your home. It forces you to be accountable of what’s really in your closet, maximize what you already own and is crucial in overcoming your fashion challenges.

It can be easy to ignore this daunting task due to overwhelm. Rest assured here are some tips on How to Edit your Closet like a PRO.

Keep the clothes that work for NOW, not 10 years ago. Many of us hold onto things due to an emotion or the thought of one day fitting into them. Unless the item in question is one size away from your current size, let it go. Trust me when you get to your goal weight, you’ll want new clothes. Discarding items from your past doesn’t mean you’re saying goodbye to the old you, it just means you’re opening yourself up to new possibilities for the woman you are now.

Separate your clothes by season. An overfilled closet makes it difficult to see what’s actually in there. Keep them out of sight by moving out of season items into storage bins or relocate to another area. This helps you get dressed quickly each morning because you only see the clothes that you can wear for the current season.

Focus on the items you want to keep, not just what you want to get rid of. It’s important to physically pick up each piece of clothing and think about how it makes you feel. If there’s something you haven’t worn in a while and not sure if you should keep it, try it on and walk around the house. How do you feel when you put it on?

The best way to decide whether to keep an item you’re unsure about it is to make an outfit with it. Better yet, make 3 outfits. If you only come up with one, it might not be worth keeping.

Have all your hangers face the same direction. After you’ve worn something turn the hanger in the other direction. Do this for 2 weeks and you’ll quickly identify what items you actually wear.

Don’t assume you’ll be able to edit your closet in one afternoon. Breaking up the edit over multiple days may seem time consuming, but it’ll keep you focused and help you be objective when deciding what to keep.

If your closet has high end luxury items consider selling them on places like Vestaire Collective, The RealReal or Union+Fifth. If you have a ton of Banana Republic, check out places like ThredUp or Poshmark. Accessible Style has relationships with these brands so I’m happy to act as a liaison for you. Also check out consignment stores in your town. Make sure you read the fine print on their selling policy and what percentage you’ll receive. Often times the amount decreases with time and they control the price of the item.

When you’re done, you’re gonna feel like a superhero and amazingly lighter because the burden of those clothes has been lifted. Cheers to making this part of your to do list this month.

The closet edit is a crucial 1st step when I work with a new client because it allows us to focus on her wardrobe staples, simplify the morning routine, and only shop for what she truly needs.

Click below to learn more about my “Shop your Closet” service. Let me help you get over closet overwhelm.