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I’m Neepa Sikdar, a New Jersey personal stylist and wardrobe consultant devoted to making women feel beautiful inside and out.

I’m an entrepreneur, best-selling author, and speaker on style. After watching too many women put themselves last, complain about their bodies, and give up on their style out of frustration, I knew it was time for me to start my styling business.

My 10+ years of merchandising experience working at major retailers:  J.Crew, DKNY, Target, GAP & Liz Claiborne and my education from the Fashion Institute of Technology trained me to understand a woman’s shape and how clothes should fit.

You wanna know my secret weapon?

I know how retailers think. This gives me an upper hand in the dressing room and in shopping online.

I’ll unlock your individual style so you have a wardrobe that’s perfect for you.

Whether you need help looking red carpet ready for that special event or need a complete wardrobe overhaul, I’ll make you look fabulous.

We’ll eliminate the monotony and confusion of styling dilemmas and create easy, fun, stylish solutions that work specifically for you.  Let’s fill your closet with outfits that allow you to walk confidently, every day, towards wherever life takes you.

My clients say I’m honest, funny, warm and down to earth. I’m not a fashion diva who looks down on you because you aren’t wearing the right outfit. I’m just a Jersey gal with curves who gets that the struggle is REAL. =)

The truth is, great style isn’t just about the clothes, but the way you feel when you’re wearing the right clothes.

Style is not a luxury only indulged by the rich, the famous or those with the seemingly perfect body. Rather, style should be — and can be — accessible.