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One of the most common questions I receive from clients is, “what’s on trend this season?” My answer is usually, “everything”. Why? Because we are constantly bombarded with articles, TV segments and social media posts about the latest trends from every tastemaker and influencer.

However, once you’ve reached a certain age you’re wise enough to realize that every trend is not meant for you. It’s also more important to stay on trend vs. being trendy.

Here’s how to stay relevant for spring 2017 without reinventing the wheel.

Pink, typically a color associated with spring and femininity, is having a major moment in 2017. In fact, it’s my pick for Color of the Year. Move over Greenery, the actual color of the year. Pink can be found everywhere from sweatshirts to trench coats ranging in hue from raspberry to dusty rose to muted blush.

The shade of pink you should wear has everything to do with your skin tone and natural hair color. Whenever you introduce a new color to your wardrobe, start small by picking one safe item such as a blouse. Pinks on the paler side are trending more so expect to see an abundance of this shade when you are out shopping.

THIS is the trend you’ll be seeing EVERYWHRE. Stripes and lighter shirting fabrics are typical for springtime, but this year they have been completely reinvented. Since cold shoulder, a trend from last year that’s still relevant, expect to see cold shoulder tops in shirting fabrics like cotton, linen and chambray.

A simple way to switch it up is to update your basic white shirt with one that has statement sleeves (sleeves that add some drama). Want to take it up a notch? Then select one high-end piece with ruffles or exposed buttons and wear it like art.
Pair it with your pencils skirts and pants for the office or layer over your denim for the weekend. What I truly love about this trend is that it works for both conservative and casual environments. And it’s not your mother’s white shirt from Talbots.

With the rise of Athleisure, which refers to clothing that can be worn for leisure and sport, it only makes sense that Lt. Pete Maverick and Ferris Bueller are making a fashion comeback. Athleisure is a $44 billion dollar lifestyle-clothing category that has quickly gained market share due to more casual and telecommuting work environments. If you missed it, you can jump back to my January newsletter to read about Atheleisure here. Bomber jackets have always been unisex in the history of fashion so it’s ok to venture into the Men’s department for one. Warning – your teenager will totally steal this jacket from you.

Style them as spring’s version of the leather jacket. Play it safe by sticking to neutral options in black and navy. Layer them over t-shirts or dresses. If you want to take it up a notch, invest in a beautiful bomber with embroidery and make it your main focus point.

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